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The Ultimate Guide to Independent Music Scene in India

Indian Independent music industry is like that proverbial tortoise who slowly but steadily reached its goal. Though the independent music industry saw a staggering growth in our country and the Indie musicians saw countless challenges trying to stop them from reaching their goals. However the statistics of the past few years urges us to think otherwise.

Finally citizens across the length and breadth of this vast country are finding that cherished utopian peace and satisfaction they crave, in the melodies of indie musicians. Today somehow the new beats of Indie artists seem more musical and melodious than the yesteryears’ popular Bollywood tracks. This is more than a dream come true for Indie artists and bands of all time.  This growing craze of Indie music, this rapid latest English songs download statistics, this maddening crowd in the music festivals hold testimony to the fact that Independent music scene is evolving in India like never before.

Artists like Kishore Kumar and Mohammad Rafi might be termed as evergreen singers however country’s favourite Independent artists like Pandit Hari Prasad Chaurasia or Usha Uthup are no less. The early 90’s saw singers like Baba Sehgal and Alisha Chinai trying to make a mark in the Independent Music industry. However it was much later in the 2000’s when Indians started lending ears to these off-beat tracks. It was then when bands like Indian Ocean, Parikrama starting creating the right kind of buzz in the industry.

Besides that, the recent times has seen some really inspiring musicians like Nucleya, Maati Baani, Dualist Inquiry, Parvaaz, The Local Train, Prateek Kuhad, The Raghu Dixit Project etc. These are just few of the names who have brilliantly carved out a niche for themselves in the Independent music industry in India. Other than that the all-time favourite bands like The Thermal and a Quarter, Motherjane, Krosswindz amongst others have made a really big name in the Industry.

The passion of music has lured people to give away their highly paid corporate jobs and pursue their heart’s calling. Uddipan Sarmah, the Ahmedabad based post-rock/experimental band formed the band ‘Aswekeepsearching’ after giving up his engineering career. He formed the band four members from Mumbai, Pune and Ahmedabad. They started off with only Rs.5000 per show however eventually they started making Rs.50, 000 to Rs.1, 00,000 per show. The forerunner of the Mumbai based alt-Rock band- Anand Bhaskar collective- left behind his 10 year old coveted corporate career to pursue music. Looking back, he recollects saying it was a moment of liberation to let go the post of Vice-president in a popular digital agency and sincerely pursue his all-time love - music.

These days Indie artists are making a substantial amount of money. Figures suggests that a successful music artists makes somewhere between 40K to 70K a month. Moreover a popular artist like Nucleya earns somewhere between 10 Lakh to 11 Lakh per gig, besides the other luxurious features like 5 star hotel bookings, lavish flight bookings, free food, room service and etc.

The music festivals like NH7 Weekender, Gig Week, venues like Hard Rock café, Mehboob Studio - Mumbai, Kitty Su - Delhi, The Humming Tree – Bangalore, Shisha Jazz café - Pune amongst others have given the Indie artists the platform to display their craft and made the Indian audience get a taste of Independent music.

Other than that online music platform like YouTube, Soundcloud, Songdew, Reverbnation, etc. have helped the artists showcase their extraordinary talent to the world. These platforms have been of tremendous help to the burgeoning of limitless talents in the country. Online shows like Balcony TV or Bombay Cab sessions are other splendid platforms to exemplify an Indie artists’ musical expertise.

Independent artists are perhaps living in the best years of their lives. There has been no time in the past which was as conducive to the growth of Independent artists in India as it is now. Popular TV channels like MTV Indies, Songdew TV, and online platforms like vimeo are of huge help to an Indie artist who wants the world to see his or her music video. Moreover the platforms like Saavn radio or Gaana Radio are another lucrative opportunity for the Indie artists to spread their talent, craft and artistry around every corner of the country. This surge in growth of online platforms and music festivals are broadening the musical horizon of the country and giving space to the talented Independent artists. These myriad of opportunities and heart-warming platforms have lifted the dark clouds from the face of the Independent artists and has given them tons of reasons to smile uninhibitedly in the bright daylight.
Hence this was an ultimate guide to the Independent Music Industry in India. As you can see the mind-blowing melodies of these indie artists are now on the verge of replacing the popular Bollywood songs. These online platforms, music festivals and talented independent artists are such a perfect blend of music, magic and melodies that it is impossible to curb them from reaching the top. Besides that the incessant mushrooming of opportunities and music promotion, distribution and marketing strategies have left us exhilarated and thrilled. Finally, I wish all the Independent artists in our country a happy, fruitful and successful career ahead.

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