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Transformation of Customer Experience with Chabot

Customers or clients are the key for a business to grow. So, our focus should always be on their needs, requirements and more effectively on their mindsets. Products and Quality is important but a good Customer Service is what attracts the huge mass. It is important to understand their mindset. You have to “Know your Onions”:
Knowing all the layers of your customer.
Notice their way of communication and try to adapt them
Try to understand their key requirements from their view points
Show keen interest on their purpose which in turn will make them feel comfortable while sharing their requirements.

Interaction with customers should always be Personal, Simple and Brilliant. If the first impression is good the customer will have interest in your business and it will also retain them. For a business, the service you offer is very important. Products are available in many other companies but the service is what retains the customers and also attracts a new customer which leads to expansion of business.

Voice of the Customer is the process by which your customer’s preferences and experiences are collected and then shared inside your organization. There is famous software named “Medallia” that gives platform for survey, social, text, written and online feedback from the customers. Medallia has become a wonderful tool for the industries to capture feedbacks from the customers and the same is implemented for the betterment of their business.

The same goes for the Chatbot , a type of service in which you can get feedbacks and also helps the customers by communicating with them through this automated system.  By receiving feedbacks it helps to maintain the image of the business by implementing those which is need to meet their satisfactions.

Image recognition system is a great task for developing and testing machine learning approaches The goal of machine learning is to give computers the ability to do something without being explicitly told how to do it. We just provide some kind of general structure and give the computer the opportunity to learn from experience, similar to how we humans learn from experience too.

From Jarvis, Mark Zuckerberg’s Iron Man-inspired assistant, Chatbots have been making the news – playing a big role in customer service. Chatbots are being used to take away menial tasks from advisors and allowing them to focus on human element that is so crucial to driving customer satisfaction. This will not only increase CSAT scores and boost customer loyalty, it will motivate the advisors and the attrition will also get controlled in different companies. 

Chatbots acts as a digital switchboard for businesses. It asks relevant questions to customers and prompts information from them, not to resolve the issues but to figure out which department is best suited for customer’s issue. It intelligently determines which human is best equipped to help the customer.

Businesses can avail this service for which they need to pay a reasonable amount of money which can be afforded by any start up business even. This service is very helpful for a customer journey. So the companies should get this service and let the customers be aware that they are always available for them when required.

“You’ve got to start with customer experience and work back toward the technology, not the other way round. “ – Steve Jobs.

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