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Two Staple Fabrics for Women Salwar Kameez

How often do you wear a salwar kameez? Well, it might not be hard for you to calculate that right? Come on, most of the women wear salwar kameez as often as possible. They even wear them both in professional and personal events. Be it a party, a casual meet or a professional gathering; you can find them endowed with a beautiful suit.

Have you ever explored the salwar suit collection for yourself? Well, if you don’t know much about their fabric and material then it is never too late to explore that area too. After all, the more you know about them; the better can be the purchases. Don’t forget that one of the main factors that determine the charm of the salwar suit or even kurti is the material. Believe it or not, the choice of fabric impacts the cut, fitting, level of glamour and comfort of salwar kameez. Have a swift glance at some of the popular fabrics and it would get easy for you to choose a right option next time.

Cotton: the king 

The classic and most popular salwar suit dress material is cotton. It was the fabric that was used for many centuries to craft diverse types of casual wear salwar suits. The fabric makes the suits highly absorbent and airy, and similarly also fitting gorgeously on to the figure. Cotton makes the suit absolutely breathable and the wearer can feel a supreme level of comfort.So, wearing cotton is a wonderful relief in summer; moreover, it is also versatile and durable, capable of getting dyed in a million colours and embroidered and decorated with a lot of diverse designs.

The most commonly hunted cotton salwar suits would be printed varieties that come with a lot of bold motifs, both western and Indian.  These also come with multi-coloured ‘tie-and-dye’ designs/patterns, patch border work and even simple Resham embroidery designs.

Silk: the choice of women

The popularity and charm of the silk salwar suit in the country is evident. It is seconded by the thing that you can easily see the tremendous variety in terms of design and chic available in this type of outfit. Usually silk is adored for its soft, shiny and gorgeous surface and is believed to be a more ‘high-end’ fabric for special events and occasions.Of course, silk sometimes make the outfit little expensive but that is worth it. However there are various different types of silks to choose fromlike heavier varieties having a dull lustre and lighter, finer diversities for more casual events. An example of the latter would be mixed fabrics like art silk that are a great way to get the finest qualities of two diverse materials.

For example, silk cotton salwar suits blend the comfort and breathability of cotton with fascinating shimmer and softness of silk. These can be picked for a wide variety occasions, depending on the patterns and embroideries these sport. On the other side, fabrics such as Jacquard silk, Tussar silk, Dupion silk,and Upadda silk that are known for their charming and luxurious would only be used to make party outfits/salwar suits.

So, whether you do ladies kurti online shopping or you go for salwar kameez; these were two of the most popular fabrics out there for your choice!

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