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How to Make the Most of Your Time Stuck at Home in the Monsoons

With the crazy amount of downpour during the monsoon seasons, you are bound to be stuck at home for an entire day or even two days in a row! If you are lucky enough, your satellite TV, Dish TV and internet might just work fine through the heavy rainstorms. However, more often than not, you might just have no cable or internet connection. This might leave you terribly bored and restless and let’s not forget – all gloomy and feeling the blues. So how do you make up for this and turn this gloomy mood around and have fun while being stuck at home? Here are a few simple ways in which you can enjoy your time stuck at home in the rains.

Declutter your room

This is a brilliant way to start the day. Decluttering can take up anywhere from one hour to even 4 hours at a stretch when you need to clean out your closets, cupboards, toiletries, books, old clothes, makeup etc. You can take your sibling’s help or even your parent’s help so that this can become a fun bonding activity rather than just a regular decluttering activity for the two of you! This activity will also tire you out because let’s face it, unpacking and packing al the items needs a lot of stamina along with cleaning up the mess in the room!

Order your favorite food and sweets

The local bakeries and stores usual do delivery in the rains so you can enjoy a yummy meal complete with dessert by placing a Kanha Jaipur Online order from your phone. You can browse through a variety of meals, desserts and drinks for you and your family in the comfort of your home. The order might be delayed a bit so prepare yourself for that!

Plan out birthday gifts for your loved ones

Try to stay on top of your birthday gifting game by selecting the best gifts for your loved ones. You can browse through various different shopping sites on your phone that do gifts delivery in Jaipur, Mumbai and across India. You could also discuss with your family about the different gifting options that would work for your friends and family and accordingly shortlist these gifts. This would be a fun activity which would definitely fade away the blues!

Play board games with the family

You can cook a few snacks at home, grab some fresh tea and play board games like Scrabble, Monopoly, Uno, Chess, Snakes and Ladders and other fun games which are best played in a group. If you haven’t opened up that carrom board under your bed yet, this season will be an excellent time to set up your carrom board for gaming in the monsoons! This will be an excellent way to bond with your family!

Apart from that, don’t forget to enjoy the beauty of mother nature and click loads of photos of the rainfall on your windowpane. Enjoy the change of seasons and appreciate how these different weather conditions affect our lives physically and spiritually!

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