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Modest clothes can be trendy

Modest fashion can be defined in many ways, according to the different norms and rules set up by different societies or communities. Trendy modest clothing, in general words, refers to a fashion statement and trend of wearing those clothes which are less revealing or do not show up much of the body parts. The definition and interpretation of modest clothing vary from different countries and cultures. There is not a fixed interpretation of the word because it varies from place to place. As far as the modest clothes are concerned, the influence of the culture and mentality of the people matters the most.

However, in simple words modest clothing can be defined as the clothes which are covering most parts of the body. They are comfortable to wear and carry on. Modest clothes are generally of loose fitting and are worn according to the comfort zone of the person.

There are many misconceptions about modest clothing and some of these misconceptions are as follows:

       Modest clothing are generally boring: This is one of the biggest misconceptions about modest clothing that it is boring and dull. However, fashion is an art and you can be creative with it as much as you want. Modest clothing can also be stylish and statement-making but the condition is that you need to know the art of a perfect clothing.

       Trendy clothes are never modest: Another misconception which is popular with modest clothes is that they are never trendy. However, the truth is that you will find many apparels and trendy modest clothing. There are many trends which do not show up much skin of your body and are also easy to carry on.

       Clothing is expensive: Another misconception which is very popular in people's mind is that the modest clothes are very expensive because they cover most of the body parts. But, this is not true as you will find many cheap modest dresses at many online clothing websites as well as in many shops and street market. All you need is a little research work.

       Experimenting is not allowed in modest clothing: Who even said that? I can make you count numerous experiments which you can do with just basic modest clothes. I believe modest clothing allows the most experimentation and the best example of this is layering. In this experiment you simply have to layer your basic tee or shirt with a shrug or a jacket and your top layer can be printed as well as plain. In this way, you will get cheap modest dresses and you are good to go!

Modest clothing makes you look elder: Another myth which people have on their mind is that showing less skin will make you look older than your actual age. Modest clothing never makes you look older if you are selecting the right colours according to your age. Always remember to choose lighter shades if you want to look younger and cheerful and go for darker shades if you want to look quite sophisticated, which is best for work wear.

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