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7 Things You Should Ensure That Are Always Kept Safe

Currently, it is extremely important that we safeguard key items, especially the ones to do with identification because those are perhaps the most important one of all. For this purpose, you could opt for a safe that’s fire proof and will also prevent the important bits in the instance of a theft. So, what are the items that must be stowed away in a safe place?

We’ll find out soon enough in the list mentioned below:

1.      Cash and Jeweler

Having a bundle of liquid cash stashed away is not only convenient but also practical. In case of national emergency or a natural calamity, you cannot rely on your credit and debit cards alone. 
Nevertheless, stealing cash ranks high on a burglar’s list and they are well acquainted with the places where you are likely to hide your hard-earned money. So do not think that the sock drawer is going to be a secure place to keep your money safe.

Jeweler is the second most robbed item in case of a break-in. So it is best that you keep both your cash and your jeweler safely locked in a safe. Doing so will also ensure that you do not misplace or forget where you’ve kept it in your home. In case you own expensive pieces, be sure to click pictures and have it appraised. Keep the related paperwork in a safe as well so you will know where to look for it in case you need it for your insurance provider.

2.     Prescription Medications

In order to make sure that prescription drugs are not accidently consumed or misused by a family member, guest or criminal, it is best to keep it safely stored in a safe. Stock a week’s worth of prescription medications in a pill dispenser and lock up the rest to avoid any incidences. Doing so will ensure that it is kept out of reach of the people who have nothing to do with it. Get rid of all unused and expired medication without fail. Check with your doctor or the local pharmacy for ways to throw away medications.

3.     Digital Media

Store original paperwork in a safe and store copies of these on an external device like a CD, hard drive or USB flash drive. Lock these devices up in a safe to keep them away from environmental elements and also to safeguard them from criminals. For insurance reasons, consider having digital copies of videos and pictures added to the safe.

4.     All Documents That Contain Personally Identifiable Information

Identity fraud is a crime that is on the rise so you need to be vigilant not just about your online security but also the personal information stored at home. You need to take precautions that will safeguard all the documents with your personal details on it as these are used for identification purposes. Birth and death certificates, passport, marriage and divorce papers and free Will templates are some items that come under this list. Other documents with personal data that are of no use any more should be shredded.

5.     Financial Documents

Any income related paperwork like income tax and outstanding debts should be kept locked away in a safe.  You should also stow away bond and stock certificates along with deeds and titles in a safe, because if lost, these can be quite time consuming and rather difficult to replace. Seal these documents in a waterproof bag so that it has an additional layer of protection.

6.     Insurance Policies

In case of an emergency, you will not really have the time to look for information related to your insurance. Ensure to keep your homeowner policy along with other policies in a safe for easy accessibility. All the information related to your agent must be kept in the safe as well. You will need these documents in case you have to file a claim.

7.     Items of Sentimental Value

Family heirlooms and items that cannot be replaced and hold sentimental value should be kept away safely under a lock irrespective of whether they have any monetary value. When you are thinking of buying a home safe, consider the size of the items you want to place in it and make a purchase accordingly.

So these, were some crucial things that you need to make sure are always kept under protection as these are extremely valuable. So get a secure home safe to stow away all your essentials.

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