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How the Personal Computer Has Evolved and the Dangers It Faces

In this 21st century, computers have become so integral in our lives that it is difficult to imagine even a day without them. It is not a status symbol anymore but the use of the same has made it a part of common life. The communication is made quick with the help of such a smartphone as one can use any of the apps and exchange the data. With each step, mankind has been able to upgrade this device to suit their needs and has been fairly successful in their handling. Since the development of the abacus almost 4000 years ago, the modern computer defines the generation it is operated in and gives an idea about the vision people have for their future. Initially created for fast calculations, computers soon became fit for personal use and are now called personal computers. Those who are still used to the computation of complicated problems are called supercomputers and require a certain degree of expertise for their operation.

The generation of computers

Computer experts have divided the history of computers to five generations. This is done to enunciate the development mankind has made over the years and which concept ruled each type of computer. Following are the generations which defined the growth of this amazing device:

1. First: Nothing like today’s modern computers, in terms of both performance and appearance. This phase started in 1940 and continued till 1956. The large size and the involvement of vacuum tubes and magnetic drums made this generation stand out.

2. Second: Transistors stole the show in this one as the computers started to work efficiently. Heat generation and electricity requirement were also low.

3. Third: Integrated circuits defined this generation and paved the way for modernization in the field. Punch cards were replaced by keyboards and monitors for better interaction with the user.

4. Fourth: The most crucial phase for these devices as monolithic ally integrated circuit technology was introduced. Personal computers became popular, and Graphical User Interface (GUI) was invented.

5. Fifth: Yet to reach its potential, the current generation is undoubtedly the most promising one. Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Artificial Intelligence are all possible due to the incredible development since the last decade.

Possible reasons for damages

With the luxury of such a device at the user’s hands, it is possible that the computer might get damaged. Cases of mac computer repair have been very common, and the manufacturers are doing their best to avoid these scenarios. The most widespread forms of danger to computers are:



Water spillage

Incompatible accessories

Reckless use

An appreciative stance by the manufacturers is their decision to face the problems instead of avoiding them. To solve the case of Mac Book water damage, Apple has developed the proper technology to solve them as soon as possible. Almost all devices today can repel water and dust, to reduce a headache that comes with it. Most companies advise their customers to buy insurance for their devices to reduce the costs of repairing.

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