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Know more about E-commerce solutions

E-commerce softwareis gaining a lot importance these days as they are helping many companies manage their online stores in a very efficient manner. For those, who don’t know what e-commerce software is- it is a form of digital system which drives everything which is required to run an online store. This helps the owners to manage many important aspects like calculating taxes, processing payment, fulfilling orders, handling inventory, removing and adding products, and every other thing which is required to successfully run an online retail business through a website. The main purpose of e-commerce software is to simplify the management of an online store without which it would have been pretty complex and a multifaceted operation.

An online store is made up of many intricate processes and components and managing them would have been impossible without any kind of e-commerce software. The e-commerce solutions in Ludhiana are well known. They aim to make the management easy by streamlining through a very easy interface which can be operated even by non-tech people. It has the ability to further integrate with other services and platforms like CMS, CRM, ERP, email marketing tools, fulfilment services, payment gateways, accounting software, social media networks, etc.


In general, there are two main types of e-commerce software which are based on their type of deployment.

·  On-Premise- this software is installed on a local computer or a server which are then managed by a team on-site. They handle the manual updates, do general troubleshooting and fix problems. Early on the online sellers use to go for on-premise solutions as they offered greater hands on management when compared to hosted solutions.
· Software as a service- these are also known as hosted solutions. This is the type of hands-off management as all kinds of updates, new released features, patches, etc. are automatically done or sometimes done by one click operations. The softwarehas evolved dramatically and now allows much flexibility and wide customization.

        What do they do?

You already got a brief idea on what e-commerce software does. But you would want to know what the software actually does that help managing the online stores. If you get a proper internet marketing training in Ludhiana, you will know how these things work. In most cases the e-commerce software can itself manage the whole online store, but now they often integrate with other apps  and services which helps run the system more smoothly for the programmers as well as the customers. The main functions of e-commerce software are:

1  1. Managing the orders of the customers
2  2. Managing the products in the inventory
3  3. Simplifying the marketing
4  4. Automating the shipping and taxes
    5.Enhancing the experience of the customers


Using e-commerce software can be very beneficial for your business. These include:
·         You can start your online business pretty quickly.
·         There will be no timing for your store. Your store will be open all the time.
·         Your customers can be anyone and from anywhere. This will increase your sales to a great degree
·         You will save a lot of time, resources and money.

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