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Mind Blasting Vv Puram Food Street In Bangalore – Yummy Evening

Bangalore most famous tasty food street VV Puram is located right in the center of the city at Sajjan Rao Circle, close to Lal Bagh. The Vv Puram food street in Bangalore has regular crowding for the patrons and first-timers crowding, and this place will full fill your stomach in the evening from 7 Pm worth digesting of cuisines and local street foods to choose. At midnight the VV Puram looked bustling and filled with all energy till the clock strikes to explore the place with food things to do in Yashwant place food guide

Floating Pani Puri - Ganesh Chaats

Having pain puri in evening time is more relaxes time pass snack item. So to choose the best right quality street food in VV Puram. Have a walk on to Ganesh Chats located in VV Puram, online, and the fact that on a parallel road near it. In Ganesh Chaats the exciting menu in which you can taste the various items like Gold Finger Chaat, floating pani puri, a host of other chat or chats with soft drinks whatever you want to feel. The main deal with good taste at this Ganesh Chats is A slightly deep plastic dish, with the puris, filled with a pea mix, topped off with boondi and sev, with some peanuts and a whole lot of tangy plane. So defiantly wall in live once if you taste of this dish

Idli Mane

An evening trip for famous Vv Puram food street in Bangalore deserved the best tasty Idli Mane with your taste buds to well know to make free time pass in the evening. It is mainly made up of a maida-based paratha that is filled with dal or coconut. It is the place to the for traditional Kannadiga cuisine and regional dishes like the Ubuntu and Bisi Bisi Masala Dosa.

Arya Vyas Refreshment – Jalebi

The Kannada special Jalebis Curd Kodu Bele or fried rings that are made with suji or maida. Arya Vyas Refreshment is the best place to taste your tongue with best sweets like Jalebis. IT was established at 75 years back who made quite mark for themselves. Jalebis often each broke off pieces trying to outdo the other in size, and our sweet start was done. The hot and crispy Jalebis will have gained with the best reputation and also the perfect proportion of sugary syrup

Cream Puff and Honey Cake - VB Bakery

Pioneers, when you want, to taste the food like Congress Bun, Cream Puff, and Honey Cake, etc. Choose VB Bakery at VV Puram food street in Bangalore. IN this bakery the exquisite art of baking bread from an Englishman. It will enjoy and start with Cream Puff and Honey Cakes at this bakery for a sweet beginning in the evening. IN this bakery it will various filled with full of buns and also peanuts and butter.

Tasty Fruits And Ice Cream - Shivanna Gulkun Centre

After tasting the pani puri or some extra food snack items, It was teh time to sample for desserts. The right place is Vv Puram food street in Bangalore. The Shivanna Gulkun ice creams and fruits were the best place with cool yummy stuff. There are fruits ti crush with full of bowl created is very pleasing to the eye. The combination of ice creams and fruits is detected to the heaven of a place. Select the place and enjoy the tasty evening

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