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For Makeup Items, Go For Natural Ones

Makeup is something which one needs when they are going out for a party or a casual date. In fact, how a makeup should be done, completely depends on the time of the day and for what occasion one has to do their makeup.

One can use natural organic vegan makeup which can be good for the skin as they are made from organic ingredients.

Here are a few things that one should keep in mind before they think of investing in makeup.

You always have to start with a proper base and this is irrespective of the season. When one is applying a base on summer then it always has to be oil free. Try and use a water based moisturiser every morning. Then go for oil free foundation to match with that water based moisturiser.

Investing is a good primer is a very smart choice. When you spend a few seconds for applying a primer you are not going to regret it. You need to apply it after applying moisturiser and before applying the foundation. They are perfect for summers because it helps the face to feel light and hold the makeup in their place.

Wondering what colour of lipstick you should wear which will match your skin tone. Well, if you have a problem in picking up a particular one, straight go for a wine coloured one. Use an eye shadow brush to get a very soft and diffused look. You can always buff up your lipstick colour with this diffused look.

The less make up items you apply on your face, the longer it stays intact. Over doing it can spoil everything. Avoid your make up to become greasy and clingy. Try to use a tinted moisturiser and a concealer when you need it.

If you have oily skin then using a face powder is a best thing that you can do. Go for compressed powders that can soak up oil very easily. Avoid those powders which have shimmers in it. Use a blotting paper to soak up the excess oil before using powder on your face.

Eye makeup is very important as it highlights your entire face. Go for a basic kajal and a thin line of eye liner when you are going out in the morning. In the evening you can team it up with an eye shadow. A cream eye shadow is good for you except in monsoon when you can go for powdered ones. Take shimmery ones when you are going to a grand wedding but choose light evening colours if it is a simple get together or a dinner date.

One should always go for best natural vegan makeup instead of daily non vegan makeup. This is because natural and organic ones are made up of eco friendly and natural ingredients which are absolutely less harsh on skin. They have fewer chemical in comparison to daily makeup items and so it has no side effects in skin. One does not feel any dryness or irritation on skin after using them.

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