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If you want healthy hair, follow the following habits.

Healthy hair is often looked at as an untouchable concept. People say it's very difficult to have healthy hair no matter how much you try. However, that's not true. You can have healthy hair all the time only if you take good care of it. Health comes from within and before you start applying anything and everything on your head, follow the simple given tips

1.    All the hair experts agree with one thing. They agree that avoiding the parlour and salon does not help the hair in any possible way. In Fact it increases the damage because the end of the hair is splitting and drying, hence there isn’t any growth in the hair. Trims once in every 6-8 weeks will ensure that there is minimal breakage and very less split ends.
2.    You need to give your hair time to breathe. You must use the weekend to rejuvenate your hair and give it rest from the week long proceedings taking place. It's very important that you shower earlier if you usually use a dryer due to a time crunch. Heat should be avoided as much as possible and hair should be allowed to breathe. Contrary to the popular belief that hair should be braided to assist in the growing, hair should be left in a loose ponytail. There should be avoidance of any unnecessary pulling of the shaft on the scalp.
3.    Scratching your hair can mean many things. If it's a dandruff problem, then you must use a  good quality dandruff shampoo for women. However, if it gets worse and you're constantly scratching your head, a drugstore shampoo is not your cup of tea. A chronic itching problem can traumatize your scalp. An itchy scalp makes it very difficult for a person to work.
4.    Hot tools must be avoided. If you must use hot tools, for example the hair dryer, make sure that you don't keep it on the highest level. This can lead to your hair getting severely damaged. The cooler it is with a lower velocity, the better and  more beneficial it is for your hair. If you have any plans to curl your hair or straighten it, make sure you have a protective spray to keep your hair safe.
5.    A conditioning routine must be a very important part of your hair care routine. A deep conditioner with extra hydration should enter your daily hair care routine. Conditioning the hair is very important because it helps in sorting out loose and dead ends in your hair and makes your hair frizz free.
6.    The sun should be avoided as much as possible. The sun is instrumental in drying your hair and oxidizing it. Both men and women should wear a hat that protects the scalp from burning and the hair from becoming rough and dehydrated. Apart from that, shampoo ketomac should also be used in the hair care routine.

Hair Care should be an integral part of not only a woman's life but should also be embraced by men in a bigger way.

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