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Know The Different Ways To Bake The Dream Cake

Cake baking is not an easy process and does require lots of skills, patience and expertise as well as knowledge of cake baking process. If the plan is to come up with the perfect baked dream cake, then it is essential to follow specific guidelines, so as to enjoy the outcome. If the desire is to try out something new, then going through the recipes put up on the web will give a good idea. But it is advisable to follow the baking procedures and ingredients given by the experts to ensure getting it right.

For lining, baking parchment is regarded to be a fabulous choice, since it is non-stick. As an alternative, one can use softened butter or oil dusted flour. Excess usage of fat will only fry up the cake sides. Those who want to save precious time on baking can order cake online in Jaipur and get exciting flavours and sizes to choose from. There are different types of cake recipes that can be baked at the home.

First cake recipe

Ingredients necessary for bottom layer:

§  1½  cup All-purpose flour
§  ¾ cup packed brown sugar
§  ¾ cup butter

Ingredients necessary for top layer:

§  11 oz. sweetened condensed milk
§  ½ tsp. vanilla
§  ½ cup chopped walnuts
§  1/3 cup chopped glace cherries
§  1½ cup shredded coconut

Preparation method

Combine flour and sugar properly to make bottom layer. Then cut butter and combine until crumbly. Next fill this into 9”x13” ungreased pan and bake for about 10 minutes at 350 degrees in oven. For top layer, take bowl and stir all five ingredients together. Take this mixture and spread evenly on bottom layer and again bake for about thirty minutes at 350 degrees in oven, until golden brown. Serve after cooling the cake.

Second cake recipe

Ingredients necessary:

§  4 eggs
§  1 yellow cake mix
§  ¾ cup oil
§  20 oz. and half juice crushed pineapple

Ingredients for coconut pineapple icing:

§  20 ounces crushed pineapple along with juice
§  1 stick margarine
§  16 ounces, powdered sugar
§  1 can coconut

Icing preparation

Heat pineapple and margarine together and boil it for about two minutes. Then add powdered sugar and coconut to the mixture and keep aside.

Cake preparation:

Beat all ingredients together for 4 minutes in mixer and pour batter into floured and greased 9”x13” baking pan. Bake mixture at 350 degrees in oven for about 35 minutes. Allow it to cool and spread icing over cake before serving.

Third cake recipe

Ingredients necessary:

§  3 oz. cherry gelatine
§  1 regular sized white cake mix
§  1½ cup boiling water
§  8 oz. softened cream cheese
§  21 oz. cherry pie filling
§  2 cups whipped topping

Cake preparation:

Follow instructions to prepare cake mix in greased 9”x13” pan and bake for about 35 minutes in oven at 350 degrees. Dissolve gelatine in boiling water and cool cake on wire rack for 5 minutes. Check if cake is baked evenly and allow it to cool for 30 minutes and then serve.

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