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Latest Indian Developments in Augmented Reality Applications

Computers bring a new dimension to our work and studies by augmenting the capacities of the brain a million or more times. And yet, this is not what we mean by augmented reality. When we talk of augmented reality, we talk of enhancement to objects in the real world. This object could be a building, a book, or a blackboard. We see things that the computer helps us see in the augmented world.

Use of Simple Devices
You can use any device of communication to bring out the enhancements of the object. You will in the normal cases need GPS connectivity and a link to the internet. Apart from this, they may use other sources also to augment information such as laser beams or ultraviolet rays. In the field of augmented reality, India has many companies that help users gain information using simple handheld devices.

To understand the concept of augmented reality, consider one example. If you have a smartphone and want to know something about the area where you are. You will use the search engine to find the related information. But, suppose you had an app that does this for you. All you have to do is shake the phone in the direction of the building and it will tell you if there are companies related to socks and shoes in the building. Or, it will tell you where the nearest restaurant is in the building.

Helpfulness of Augmented Reality
The use of augmented reality is wonderful because you can devise apps that will gather information about anything from the web and use them to project information about any real-world object. This may sound fantastic but this is the way the internet goes today. True, virtual reality is at present dominating the minds of the younger set because they can play unimaginable games with the virtual reality device.

Augmented reality is the missing link in the internet. It helps you with information about any post or pillar that is around you. It can enhance your book study experience and play songs related to the mood you are in. The top augmented reality companies are already putting out devices that can link to the objects in the car and tell you their condition. They can guide you out of the garage with great accuracy and then the artificial intelligence device will shut the door behind you.

Enhancing the Future with Applications
Nothing is magic here because people do it every day. But, these things were unimaginable a decade back and so one can picture the future where there are more marvellous things taking place. The picture just got brighter with augmented reality technology to help us. It is like this. The computer is not there everywhere. We have lots of unconnected objects around us that we need information about.

What we need to develop is the technology that will connect to the internet and gather information related to the working and conditions useful for working with the object. You can see the immense benefit this brings. You no longer need to document everything...you let the app and augmented reality do it for you.

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