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Employment for Veterans

by - September 04, 2018

Since the past few years, veteran employment has been a center of attraction of many hiring conversations, partly because of Joining Forces — a national initiative taken for the provision of employment, education and health care services to U.S. military veterans. More than 50 companies have vouched to hire more than 110,000 veterans and their spouses soon.

A profound look at the data from government records can give us an understanding of the employment outcomes for prior service members in the economy. According to the Census Bureau, veterans constitute 7.6% of the US population. As a group, veterans tend to be older men: the average age is 64, while it's 37 for non-veterans, and 91.6% are males. Veterans are less likely to be graduates but have a higher median income.


As per the data collected, the jobs that ex-service members are most likely to take, after transitioning back to civilian life, are as mentioned below:

Occupational Category                                                                  Veterans

Transportation and Material Moving                                       10.8%

Installation, Maintenance, and Repair                                     6.9%

Protective Service                                                                            6.1%

Management                                                                                    11.6%

Construction and Extraction                                                         6.8%

Veterans mostly go for such occupations that demand the experience and skill sets that they've acquired in the military. Like for instance, military experience may easily shift into professions like transportation, maintenance, and protective service. But the concern here is that these occupations are likely to underperform the overall labor market. Industries, such as technological, analytical, wellness and construction are growing rapidly and thus, they may have a chance to interest veterans with their work, in order to fill their positions. 

Now, let's have a look at the Job Titles that are of particular interest to Veterans:

- Supply Technician

- Field Service Technician

- Operations Supervisor

- Warehouse Manager/Supervisor

- Police Officer

- Service Technician

- Plant Manager

- Logistics Coordinator

- Maintenance Supervisor

These jobs draw a veteran’s interest after they have adapted to the civilian life. As anticipated, these are the jobs in which the military experience suits well. And if they face any difficulty in any part of their duty, there are some highly recommended military friendly specialization programs for veterans. These are military veterans specialization courses designed to help and train them appropriately with their problem areas.

While the high-grade data indicate that veterans are truly prospering well in today’s economy, there certainly are other data points that denote the areas for improvement. The Center for Talent Innovation surveyed 1,022 veterans who work full-time in white-collar professions. Researchers found from this survey that only 2% said they felt supported and encouraged at work. While 19% of civilian men and 13% of women felt this way.

Another statistic extracted from the survey is that two-thirds of participants said they weren’t utilizing three or more of their skills that could have been useful to the employers. Although these numbers only represent those retirees who are employed in white-collar professions, they show that strong employment outcomes are yet to grow for all former service members.

Organizations of all kinds can fight in an increasingly tense labor market if people with different backgrounds, including veterans, are enabled to show their skills.

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