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Gift ideas for the ladies

by - September 28, 2018

India is a land of diverse culture.There are a multiple of gift-giving occasions that relate to Indian women. Most types of gifts are appreciated, as the generosity of the giver is valued above the actual gift item. Gifts depend on the holiday, recipient's religion, giver's financial status and giver's relation to the woman receiving the gift. 

Women's Holidays

Women's Day and Karwa Chauth are the two mostfamous holidays centeringon women. On these occasions, the closer you are attached to the woman, the more sophisticated and ornate the gift should be. For example, gifting expensive clothing, jewelry and accessories will make her very happy.


Diwali is the biggest holiday in India. suitable gifts for Diwali includes dry fruits, silver, sweets, home decor and gift hamper delivery uk is just as easy now. Silver is commonly given for bestowing a blessing on a woman and her family. Gift items depend on your relation with the woman. Neighbors would give dry fruits or sweets, while family members would give hampers with household appliances or clothing. Husbands gift their wives matching with what they are able to afford. These gifts can be appliances, jewelry or clothes. There is no limit.

Special Occasions

Weddings, birthdays and the birth of a baby are extraordinary occasions in any woman's life. It is suitable to give jewelry, clothing, and household items. Gifts for these occasions are same as those in other cultures. For example, if living in abroad the woman may be gifted a new set of ovenware, while in India she would be gifted a new pressure cooker or tava. Now cakes delivery is also possible abroad.

Gift Customs

When visiting someone it is sometimes accustomed to gift them. If you plan on presentingdistinct gifts to the husband and wife, the wife should get the better. Distinctive gifts include dry fruits, money and sweets. Husbands also are likely to spoil their wives with little gifts. For example, if he stops at the shop on his way home, it would be habitual to bring home a small chocolate box for her.

Inappropriate Gifts

It is totallyinapt to present a gift of any kind to a woman who does not know you. A Hindu should also never be offered with gifts made of cow leather or made from animals, or should gifts be covered in white or black paper. Muslim people should never be given statues, images or representations of dog. If you want to impress them, take the time to know what is vital in theirlives.

When you gift a woman something, you give her two presents- the object or experience that you choose amd the knowledge that you do care for them enough to see them as people.

Onelast piece of advice before selecting a gift for women -don’t feel that you have to be a spendthrift for gifting a  women who is over 60. More than any other people, most women will appreciate the motive behind a gift. When in doubt, create something that shows your love and affectionto always make her happy.

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