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HSBC Credit Card Payment: Option That Can Make Your Life Smooth Or Easy

by - September 12, 2018

HSBC bank can give options to pay the bill an online or offline. In the private sector, this bank is the topmost bank. You can get all the benefits from them like shopping, dining, traveling, and more. These are the basic things which can have with extra cashback, reward points, gift voucher, etc.

In this busy lifestyle, everyone overloaded with the home or office work. That’s why don’t have time to make HSBC credit card payment on time. It is a big problem, do you know how? When you forget to pay utility bills in a regular base that can damage your credit score or report. The bank can understand an individual’s trouble and give a smooth solution an online or offline payment.

HSBC Credit Card Offline Payment Method

In today’s lifestyle, everyone using an online site. But, it doesn't mean the bank cannot give you other option. They can provide an offline also. The reason should be anything may be in that area network is not working properly or either no idea how to use. So don’t worry, you should visit the nearest branch and pay the bills.

Cash: Visit the nearest bank branch and drop your bill by cash on the bank’s counter. After that, give one slip as proof.

Cheque: Fill the blank cheque as per the bank’s norm and drop to the ATM box.

HSBC Credit Card Online Payment Method

Register your ID for the online service. Fill the application form along with upload KYC and submit it. After verification, send your User ID or password on registered email ID. You can have many options, choose any of them and make HSBC credit card payment.

Net banking: To link with the current bank account. Easily login the site with own User ID, then pay the bills on time without any hurdle.

Mobile banking app: Download or install the site. After that, link with the savings account to make payment from anywhere.

Autopay: Set the standing instruction with the current or savings bank account. They can automatically cut the amount as per the monthly bill and send email to the registered ID.

NEFT: When you don’t have the same bank account can use national electronic fund transfer and add payee account number or amount. After the addition can pay the bills through NEFT.

HSBC Credit Card: Discounts, Cashbacks, And Reward Points

HSBC VISA Platinum Credit Card

     For every Rs 150 spent, will earn two reward points
     At more than 700 restaurants in India, grab 15% discount
     On BookMyShow will get buy one get one free

HSBC Premier Mastercard

     Get complimentary green fees and golfers insurance
     You will enjoy discounted green fee
     For every Rs 100 spent, will get two reward points

HSBC Advance VISA Card

     As an annual or joining fee is Nil
     For every Rs 150 spent, will get two reward points
     Grab 15% discount at more than 700 restaurants in major cities

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