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Ultimate Places In Delhi To Have A Best Dinner

by - September 06, 2018

Delhi is a city which fulfils everyone’s dreams. When it comes to serving the food then it is the place which hits the list in providing the great food which satisfies everyone’s hunger. A corporate people don’t get much time to go and spend time with their family. But on weekends they are free and can go out with their loved ones to spend some time and have a perfect dinner at fine dining restaurants. 

So, here are some of the lists of best fine dining restaurants in Delhi where you can enjoy good food with your family or friend
*      Annamaya – Andaz Delhi
This is one of the most iconic places in Delhi which serves North Indian food. It is a highly rated place located in Aerocity. This restaurant is famous for serving a good quality of food which is hygienic as well at a reasonable price. So, if you are planning to have a perfect dinner with your family then this place will be the best for you.
*      ChorBizzare
As the name itself suggest, this restaurant is thematic which is inspired by the local thieves market.  Everything in the restaurants is made in such a way that it will look like it has been stolen from somewhere else. When you will visit this place you will see a vintage car in the middle of the restaurant which looks great. The food which they serve is great as well. Visiting this restaurant will definitely steal your heart. Thus it can be said that it is one of the best dinner places in Delhi.
*      Punjab Grill
This is one of the fine dining restaurants which provide great ambience and a good quality of food. Their staff is super friendly and they will warmly welcome you. If you are coming to have a traditional food then this is the best place as their menu has lists of multiple North Indian dishes which are rich in flavours. This is simply a great place to have a dinner.
*      Carnatic Café
This place is for all those foodie people who love south Indian food. This restaurant is truly divine and their ambience is great as well. This restaurant is located in New Friends Colony, Delhi. So, you are planning to visit this restaurant then do try masoordosa and buttermilk which will taste like heaven.
*      OliveBarandkitchen
This is one of the great restaurants with beautiful ambience. You will fall for this place when you will visit here. This restaurant has a beautiful décor and serves a delicious food. As soon as you will enter this place you will be attracted by their aura. This restaurants uniqueness is that it provides a live music which people will love the most.
These sizzling and flaming are the best fine dining restaurants in Delhi restaurants which you need to check out when you are in Delhi. These are the best options for you if you want to spend some quality time with your family and friends.

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