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6 Quick Tips For Hiring Digital Marketing Services In New Jersey

by - October 24, 2018

Hiring digital marketing services in New Jersey is no different from other states, but it may be more crucial considering the highly competitive market.

With a per capita GDP of $56,721, the business climate in New Jersey generally favors entrepreneurs more than other states. Higher than average tax rates and cost of living, however, does dent the Garden State’s appeal. In 2014, for example, the Small Business and Entrepreneurship (SBE) Council ranked New Jersey 49th out of 50 states in a study measuring policy measures and costs impacting small business.

In other words, small businesses and startups in NJ don’t have much room for errors. And hiring the wrong digital marketing agency is not a simple error.
It’s a blunder!

The 6 Key Tips for Hiring Digital Marketing Services in NJ

It’s a jungle out there when you go shopping for digital marketing services. You may find businesses of all shapes and sizes—from SEO agencies to web developers and from PPC companies to social media managers—masquerading as digital marketing agencies.

The rates they quote vary widely, making it hard for you to take a decision. But, decide you must, if you don’t want to waste money, time, and customers.

Here are six quick tips to hire digital marketing services that will make your New Jersey business flourish and thrive.

1.    Determine Your Digital Marketing Needs

Do you have the budget to spend on ten different digital marketing channels? Or, would it make more sense to pick a couple of channels and build up the marketing effort more gradually?
More importantly, does your business need to be on ten channels? Is your marketing strategy aggressive or conservative? Will your company culture support the activities that you’re planning?
To match the services with your needs, you have to know your needs.

2.     Ask Which Digital Marketing Services They Offer

When you approach digital marketing companies (or they approach you), ask them which services they offer—and get detailed answers. Digital marketing, after all, is “the marketing of products and services using digital technology, mainly on the internet, but also on mobile devices, display advertising, and any other digital medium”—according to Wikipedia.

Here’s an (almost) complete list of digital marketing services:

These are the times of cross-channel and multichannel marketing. You’ll probably need most (if not all) of the above services as your business grows.

Hire an agency that has expertise in all of these areas. Don’t hire a one-trick pony!

3.     Check out the Agency’s Own Digital Presence

Visit your prospect agency’s website and social media profiles. Do they impress you? If not, how can you expect them to build your business an impressive digital presence?

Does their website reflect quality? Does it feature their past projects and clients? Are their branding and voice consistent across all channels?

The only reason that a digital marketer would put up a sloppy presence is that they don’t care enough about their business. If that’s the case, how can you expect them to care about yours?

4.       Cross Check Their References

Your prospective agency will probably not share their full client list with you. They don’t want you to disturb their clients or breach their confidentiality.

They should, however, be able to give you a few references to verify their claims. Contact those clients, and check out their websites and social media profiles.

5.      Determine If the Agency’s the Right Fit for Your Business

Have they previously worked with a business in your industry? Or a business like yours?
Do they provide the services you need, or do they outsource some of the services, such as web design or email marketing?

More crucially, does their company culture mesh well with yours? They might be having a work environment that includes a gym and a Jacuzzi, but will it fit into your work culture?

You’ll be working closely with the people who deliver digital marketing services. Meet some of them and determine if you and your people will be comfortable working with them.

6.       Remember: Digital Marketing Services Cannot Fix Bad Business

Most businesses fail because they try to sell products or services for which there are no buyers. Before you hire digital marketing services, you have to find out if your business idea is marketable.
If you’re unsure about your business, JoshMeah.com  is a digital marketing agency that provides comprehensive guidance for product development and marketing through digital and non-digital media.

Based on their impressive track record, these may be the best digital marketing services in New Jersey money can buy.

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