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Paternal age and its problems

by - October 10, 2018

Age and its effect in Pregnancy

Age is a very big factor for pregnancy. For both the men and the woman successful coitus at a proper time and age is very much required. This age factor is much more sensitive for the woman. Woman after a particular age attains the stage of menopause which means the stoppage of the active menstrual cycle. After the age of the 45, it is very much complex for any woman to conceive. 

Similarly,the men also face some problem with their age. With age, the sperm count of the men decreases thus decreasing the potency of the sperm to have a successful mating with the egg. Even if the baby grows the chances of his good health are very much compromised and the baby might suffer from many problems chronic as well as genetic. 

Paternal age effect

The study of the paternal age effect on pregnancy revealed a lot of information about the baby’s health and other conditions that might lead to complication for the baby and also the mother in some cases. Due to low sperm count, it is found that the embryo becomes very low unstable which leads to all the complications. Few problems due to age effects are as follows

Loss of Pregnancy- Due to the paternal age effect loss in pregnancy is very much reported. It is seen that the pregnancy loss is evident before reaching the 20 weeks and also there are a lot of chances of stillbirth also. 

Born with birth defects- The babies as a result of paternal age factor may also have different birth defects like the problem in heart, malformation of the limbs, underdevelopment of the skull leading brain malformation etc. 

Autism- This might also lead to severe conditions like autism. 

In fact, apart from the disease, the IQ of the offspring is also affected due to the paternal age effect. 

Reason for its happening

The researchstudy showed that these problems are the cause of the genetic mutation. Now mutation is defined as the changes in the overall DNA organization of the body. Studies revealed that the advancedpaternal age and genetic disorder are totally linked. Chromosomal aneuploidy and the mutation is the specific region of the DNA is the driving force behind all the problems. And the mutation happens in an automatic way.  This type of this mutations is called as de novo and increase as the cell divides to increase its number. Moreover, with these autosome linked mutations becomes very much dominant. 

Mortality index

Babies born with this kind of difficulties have a very high fatality rate. Studies revealed that the due to the shortening of the telomere al the problem appears and it remains up to two generations. Children suffering from this may live up to an age range of 18-20. Although this statistic is not always true and in many cases it might differ also. 

Proper Planning

So planning the pregnancy is very much important for both male and the female so that they can bring their baby safe and sound on this earth.

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