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SAMSUNG- Why to choose it?

by - October 08, 2018

Samsung is an electronics giant from South Korea which has captured great market shares in consumer electronics in countries all over the world.It is a global leader in innovation and technology in consumer electronics and the refrigeration section is no exception. With superior build quality and decades long experience in the market, It has put together a winning formula to ensure a 100% consumer satisfaction and provides great after purchase service options and extended warranty to emphasize its build quality and longevity.

Samsung’s Legacy

Samsung has become a household name after its decades of providing quality consumer products and great build quality. The after sales support and service and its huge network in the country has helped It to create a continuous chain that caters to the customers at all points of time. The global brand power and the trust it has built in the national as well as international market make it a leading electronics company and it refrigerators the top of the line products available to the consumers for buying.

Samsung has become synonymous with innovation, and its extensive service network provides extensive customer support making it a desirable brand to buy and to be associated with. The very fact that the company has gained the trust of millions of customers in India itself in a short period of time entering the refrigeration market speaks volumes about the reliability of its products and is a business model in itself that other companies try to emulate.

The Samsung Advantage

It is a global leader in technology and innovation and has ensured that its knack for innovative products translates into quality products and technology for its customers.It has designed and created its own compressors and other components that have helped It bring down the energy consumption of its refrigerators and provide increased energy efficiency.

 The refrigerators are built with durability and high build quality in mind with increased focus on reduced electricity consumption.Samsung has also introduced Food showcase that allows you to see what’s inside your refrigerator without opening the fridge and hence provide uninterrupted cooling and increased cooling efficiency bringing down electricity consumption.It gives you its word of keeping your food fresh for a longer period of time with its smart cooling and design and ensure that the leftover food in your house stays edible for an extended period of time.It has also introduced the 5-in1 convertible refrigerators that allow you to use the same unit in 5 different modes based on your need like the regular mode, vacation mode, home-alone mode, extra storage and seasonal mode to aptly provide efficient cooling reduce electricity consumption.

The prices

It offers a huge range of refrigerator models to satisfy the needs of customers from the whole spectrum and provides different designs as wanted by the customers.It offers Family Hub refrigerators, French door refrigerators, side-by-side refrigerators, double door refrigerators and single door refrigerators.You can find the Samsung refrigerator Price list Below.

It offers 44 options in the INR 10-20,000 segment, 39 options in the INR 20-30,000 segment, 22 options in the INR 30-40,000 segment, 15 options in the INR 40-50,000 segment and 26 options in the INR 50,000+ segment.

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