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See your baby growing and be happy

by - October 11, 2018

Pregnancy is one of the best moments in life of a woman and you need to take good care of yourselves during pregnancy. It is necessary to monitor the baby growth week by week. In addition to the regular check-up you need to also have a watch on the baby growth.

Have a watch on the baby growth

The baby grows rapidly and you need to have a watch on its growth day week by week.  You can also check the video of baby growth week by week. This will help you a lot. As and when a woman is conceived, the baby is in form of a small embryo. It has two layers from which the whole body developed. Later on the baby grows rapidly and it is of a size of kidney bean.  It keeps on moving. It has got fast heartbeat and its intestines are starting to take place. Slowly all other body parts start to develop.

The development stage

When a woman is two weeks pregnant it is the important time in her life. This is the time the pregnancy begins. You can also check out for a growth of baby during pregnancy videothat can help you to understand your baby well.  Later on as you move to your third week of pregnancy, the size of the baby will be like a small ball. It is known as blastocyst.

The growth that happens rapidly.

The moment you move to the fourth week of pregnancy, the placenta will start developing quickly. The baby will to start developing rapidly. You may be feeling some nausea, discomfort, mood swings etc. Later on in the sixth week the baby will start growing fast and all other body parts will start taking place like the mount, nose and ears as well. You will feel like vomiting or the morning sickness. There may be some other symptoms like spotting. You can consult your doctor in case if you feel fatigue.

The rapid growth it is

As you move ahead to the seventh week of pregnancy, your baby is just in the form of embryo and it has got a small tail. The hands and feet will start developing and the uterus size will be almost double that what it was before. Our baby will keep on moving all the time. The baby is now of a bigger size like one inch and it will look like a human now. While you go for an ultrasound you will come to know how the baby is growing. You can discuss with the doctors’ bout the growth of the baby.

Pregnancy is an awesome time in your life and you need to enjoy each and every moment of it. You need to see your baby growing and be happy. There are any videos that can tell you about the week by week growth of a baby. Just see how you baby is growing and be happy. Be ready to welcome your baby now.

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