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Seven Secrets about Canadian Student Visa Ideas That Has Never Been Revealed

by - October 31, 2018

If you are currently living in Dubai and you are also a student in the reputed institute, you should have to apply for the foreign studies in Canada. Right now Canada is offering the best chances for all students from around the world to start their study carrier in a better environment. Furthermore, in Canada, you will definitely get the best and educational environment which will lead you to achieve your targeted goals. Every year thousands of students use to switch from all over the world. In Dubai, there are also very advanced institutes available but they are much behind in the race of quality educational environment as compare to Canada and other foreign universities. You can easily apply for Canada Student Visa from Dubai without much hesitation. You just have to find the best and trusted visa consultancy firm for the task. Here we will discuss some secrets about the Canadian student visa process which you may not have any idea about.

1.    Previous educational documents

It is mandatory to submit the attested previous educational documents in the embassy for the process. Canadian embassy will verify that you are eligible for the selected course or not or you actually fall in the relevant category or not. These things should be clear by both ends so every type of misunderstanding should remain out from the whole process.

2.    Applicant should be the residence of UAE

Only UAE residence student can apply from UAE to Canada for studies. If you are on visit visa in UAE, you cannot apply for the option ever. You can apply from your respective country where you are currently living or having the citizenship of the country.

3.    English Proficiency certificate is compulsory

You also have to get pass the English proficiency certificate according to the described level. You also have to get a score according to the described information in the visa application. This thing will clear that you will never face any type of disturbance in communicating with people in Canada.

4.    Current Snaps

You need to paste your current passport size snaps on described places in the visa application form. Without this, your application will get rejected and you may not allow going for further studies in Canada.

5.    Valid Passport of the applicant

Applicant should have the valid passport which has the expiry for more than 6 months. If the passport of the applicant is less than 6 months valid, it cannot apply for the visa for any country. According to the law, the passport must be valid up to 6 months to travel anywhere in the world.

6.     Personal Bank Statement

It is also mandatory to submit the bank statement details and last 6-month transaction in detail which will show that you have enough funds to meet your needs. The bank account should be personal and the money transaction will be the plus point for the applicant.

7.    Medical Clearance

Medical clearance is also very much important to submit in the embassy along with the visa application. The reason is to get clear that you are completely fit by health and you don’t have any type of serious disease which can be dangerous for others as well. Your Immigration consultants will guide you according to the proper channel.

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