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Solid perfumes – a must have fashion accessory for any wardrobe

by - October 16, 2018

There are a number of people who are used to carrying perfumes or deodorants with them. These accessories are helpful in case you want to get rid of day sweat smell. In most cases, it may not be advisable to carry a big perfume bottle as you have an option of using handy solid perfumes.

Solid perfumes are a smart form of perfumes that offer you with rich and fresh essence when ever you need. These are available as more natural solid material, unlike liquid types. They are manufactured using wax and essence or perfume oil. You can buy natural solid perfume online and in most stores. When purchasing these types, you just don’t have to worry about taking care of the bottle. They are easy to carry in your hand bag.

Using solid perfumes

The very idea of using these types of perfumes is simple. The fragrance can be transferred to your clothes by simply rubbing the perfume to your clothes. The moment you rub it the essence is transferred to your clothes. The perfumes are made up of top layer that easily melts away when rubbed on account of friction.

The scent is provided with top layer that is in the solid form and can be applied to any part of your body. You can also make use of a simple cotton cloth or swab to apply the perfume to your body part.

Why these are better options?

One of the main reasons why more number of people prefer using solid form of perfume is that they are easy to apply. You don’t have to spray the perfume to your body. This is also one of the reasons that these perfumes can last really longer periods of time. They don’t vaporize easily and so you can use it for much longer period of time.

Unlike scent perfume type, these lack the sillage factor so you just don’t have to worry about tilting the scent bottle to certain angle before spraying it.

Compact in nature

Best natural solid perfume is certainly termed to be more compact in nature. The pack is such that they can easily be carried with you at any place inside a small bag. As it is not in the liquid form so it is also possible for you to carry these types along with you when travelling on an airplane.

To apply these perfumes you may not even have to wait to visit the rest room of the aircraft. The sleek pack can easily be tucked inside your jeans pocket.

Natural ingredient

Another major advantage is that solid perfumes are made up of bee wax that is considered to be skin friendly. It does not cause any type of irritation to your skin. Apart from this, the scent is also very strong such that you just may have to apply only little amount of perfume to get the best essence.

Being made up of natural wax it is obvious that they are also friendly to any type of cloth fiber. They do not leave stains when applied to your clothes directly unlike deodorants.

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