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4 Tips to launch a successful online contest

by - November 18, 2018

Everyone loves contests, from small ones at children’s parties to the lottery, it seems people, in general, like to be in the running for some sort of prize. This strategy has also been used by businesses all over the world for centuries.

This includes the lottery itself, secret prize promos where consumers are encouraged to purchase a business’ goods for the chance to win a prize of some sort. This also exists in the online space and companies hold contests over social media and on their websites all the time.

However, holding a contest that ends up successful isn’t always easy but can be achieved in the following steps:

Have an end-game in mind: Contests can be fun to put up for a business but if there is no definite goal in mind, the business can even end up losing money.

When running an online contest, have your goals defined. Do you want to drive traffic to your website, encourage sales or drive engagement on your social media?

When your business clearly defines its goals, the contest will be more organized and you are much more likely to reap the benefits of your efforts.

Give a valuable incentive: Contests require some form of effort on the part of those who are participating.

Therefore, to get more people to participate, you need to offer them a prize that is attractive to them. This could be a percentage of their next order, a free item and so on.

A good idea would be to look at your most purchased or requested item and offer that as the prize since there is an obvious demand for it.

The more attractive your prize, the more people will want to participate in your contest.

Keep it simple and precise: Few things will discourage people from participating in an online contest than the steps to win being too long.

If it is a social media-based contest, make sure the steps to participate are not more than a few such as following a particular account, retweeting or commenting on a post.

If you are trying to drive traffic to your site, offer a discount to the first few people to order or something along those lines.

Make sure your contest instructions are simple enough for the participants but help push your business goals forward.

Outsource: At the end of the day, not every business has the in-house resources to run an online campaign. Like many other aspects of business, a third-party with professional experience can be brought in to manage this aspect.

In some cases, it would be beneficial to outsource the running of an online campaign to a digital marketing agency such as Broadplace to ensure that the contest is executed as professionally as possible with the best possible results.


A successful online contest can bring in several times the resources that are invested into it if run well. To ensure the best results for your business, follow the above tips.

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