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Care Guide for Natural Stone Products

by - November 20, 2018

Natural stones, when installed in the new house, look beautiful, but taking care of it is not an easy task. Only if you take proper care, these stones will last longer and shine long. Now according to the type of stones installed and the area where they are installed, the requirements of maintenance vary. There are numerous stone care products available in the market for the stones like limestone cleaner, granite cleaner, marble cleaner etc.

Here are some few pieces of advice on taking care of the natural stones:-

·         Regular Cleaning:-Primarily granite, marble, limestone, and travertine have to be cleaned with a soft and clean cloth and fresh water regularly.

·         Washing:-The ingrained residues can be avoided if you wash the natural stone surfaces with a mild detergent and warm water periodically.

·         Select the cleaner carefully:-On the surfaces of natural stones, do not use those stone care products, limestone cleaners or any other cleaners or sandpapers which contain any kind of abrasives and grit.

·         Use Coasters under glass:-When you are keeping a glass on a stone surface, containing alcohol or citrus juices, always use coasters under it. There are so many drinks and food which consists of acids that may etch and dull the surfaces made of natural stones.

·         Do not keep hot items directly:-The hot items should not be put on the stone surface directly. Use and place the mats or trivets under the hot dishes. Under the ceramics, bone china, silver or any other products that may scratch the stone surface, put a mat or trivet.

·         Sealing:-Other than cleaning with a good stone cleaner, sealing is equally important. For limestone, limestone cleaner and for different other stones, different cleaners should be applied along with the sealing, to keep the finishing of the stones intact.

·         Spills:-On the stone surfaces, the spills have to be blotted immediately. It must not be wiped, as it will spread the spill even more. What you can do is flush the particular area with fresh water and stone cleaner or neutral cleaner and then rinse the area thoroughly several times. Then with a soft and clean cloth, dry the wet area.

According to a different area like floor surface, bathroom surface, kitchen, the stone cleaners vary and the process of cleaning the stones also varies. You can research the suitable cleaner and then while buying, be vigilant to avoid any material that may cause harm to the natural stones.

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