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Digestive issues that spring up when you are pregnant

by - November 13, 2018

The topic of pregnancy could be a little bit overwhelming in the life of a woman. This facet is going to take a toll in terms of change in your body after all there is a life emerging inside you. But there are some hormonal imbalances that do go on to create havoc with pregnancy digestive system. A combination of them would add up to the pregnancy discomforts in a big way. Let us now explore some of the common pregnancy digestive systemissues that you face up.


This does appear to be a common problem that 40 % of the women face when they are pregnant. The main reason that occurs because the body goes on to produce more of the hormone progesterone. The main function of this hormone would be to act as a muscle relaxant. Considering another side of the story the presence of this hormone during the time of pregnancy would be good. There are some suggestions where you can deal with constipation the moment you become pregnant

·         Increase the intake of water to make the stool soft, and try your hand at some gentle form of exercises like walking  or yoga

·         To combat sluggish bowel warm water could be a solution. A glass of warm pruned juice would work wonders. For a lot of pregnant woman this has really gone on to create wonders

·         When you are in the toilet do not try to stain a lot.

·         The most important point would be to check out on the supplement regime. Are you into too much consumption of iron as you could be clinically anaemic? A point considering would be that iron adds up to the constipation. If already in your diet there is too much iron it does make sense to opt for supplements. Do discuss with your doctor.


The progesterone hormone does go on to cause heartburn. You need to be aware that overproduction of acid does not take place in your stomach; just you are going to face a hard time to keep it in place. Most of the woman goes on to complain about heartburn during the second or third trimester of pregnancy since the growing baby displaces the stomach upwards that squeezes up the acid to the comfort zone. There are some ways by which you can deal with heartburn when you are pregnant
·       Instead of three large meals a day opt for 6 smaller meals as this would be light on the stomach and help in digestion

·         Increase the intake of fluids during the course of the day.

·         Make it a point that you eat in a slow manner and chew the food well

·         Do wear loose clothing as it is breathable

·         Do keep a diet journal. If you feel that certain types of food are causing heartburn, do avoid it from your diet altogether

After eating stay upright. Do not jump straight on to bed after a meal.it would be better if you opt for sitting medication.

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