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Essential Tips for Marble Floor Cleaning

by - November 03, 2018

Marble has its own attractiveness and the luster has its own beauty. Spotless floor enhances the beauty of a room. But like others, marble also needs proper maintenance. Regular care is very important. It is highly porous and mostly absorbs stains at a great speed. There are many ways for marble floor cleaning. Some of them are mentioned below:

·         Microfiber brooms

Sweeping the marble floor is very important as dust gets accumulated on its surface very surface. Do not go for extreme rigorous moping of the floor as it can bring in scratches which will make the surface dull. Marble cleaning thus should be done cautiously.

·         Use mild soap for moping

For this process, mix some mild soap or detergent in a bucket of lukewarm water. This solution is enough to clean the dust from the surface. It can also remove the tough grime from the surface. It is recommended to use a soft cloth for better performance. Try to get rid of the soap water in marble floor cleaning or otherwise it would retain the soap marks. Some of the things which are required are dishwashing like VIM, clean lukewarm and microfiber mop or cotton mop.

·         Marble cleaning solutions

If the marble floor has got tough stains, then normal soapy water won’t work. For such cases, concentrated solutions are required. But it is advisable to use good quality cleaners or otherwise it can harm the luster of the floor.  Try to mop off the surface as soon as possible to get rid of the water or soap marks. Moping the floor in a circular motion can again cause marks on the floor.

How to maintain the marble floors?

Maintaining the floors can be a difficult task. There are many things which should be avoided to prevent the marble floors from damage. For example; if you place furniture on the floor directly, it will surely bring scratches on the floor. To avoid this, place a carpet on the floor and then place the furniture. This will also make your drawing room look attractive. If not available, furniture pads can also be used. These are some of the alternatives to marble floor cleaning.

Above mentioned were some of the ways to take care of the marble floors. If proper care and regular maintenance are done, the floors are sure to remain like new for a longer time and you don’t need to replace them soon.

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