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Fun Crafts To Try This Christmas

by - November 14, 2018

Christmas is almost around the corner, and it's time to think about buying gifts, decorating the house, and waiting for Santa and his reindeer to arrive. While you're doing that, why not try some of these fun crafts? Give these a try while you're waiting for the big day.

Make Your Own Christmas Cards

Want to send out Christmas cards with a little personality this year? You can make your own Christmas cards with just a few craft items, and make them look amazing. You can buy kits that contain everything you need, or simply buy the plain cards and envelopes and let your imagination run wild.

Build Your Own Advent Calendar

There's no denying that you can buy almost any advent calendar you can think of. If you want to make an advert for your children that has the extra special touch, why not buy a small drawer cabinet and make one? The Works has plenty of Christmas crafts on offer, including drawers you can easily turn into an advent calendar. Paint it, glitter it or decoupage it as you wish, and then drop their favourite sweets and chocolates into the drawers. There's even a 25th drawer for Christmas day.

Paint A Mug

Nothing says Christmas quite like a steaming cup of hot chocolate while you're sitting by the fire. If that's something you and your family love to do, why not personalise your hot chocolate mugs? It's very simple to buy a plain mug and paint it however you wish. Again, you can buy a kit with all the paints, or you can buy paints separately. There are porcelain pens that will help you do more intricate designs. Why not create Christmas themed mugs with every family member's initials on them?

Create Christmas Tree Decorations

Nothing's quite as Christmassy as creating decorations for your Christmas tree. Why not get started on making something for your tree now? You can make paper garlands to go around the tree, or simple paper ornaments to tie on with ribbon. There are sets you can buy to make your ornaments out of felt, or even baubles that you can fill with all manner of things. Why not create themed decorations to give your tree a unified look this year?

Make Your Own Crackers

The crackers on the table are an essential part of Christmas, but are you bored of seeing the same gifts in them, year after year? That's not a problem, you can make your very own crackers and place whatever you'd like in the middle. Pick out small gifts that will fit in the middle of a cracker, that everyone would love. For example, the tiny screwdriver sets always go down a storm with people who wear glasses.

These are just a few of the crafts you can start making this Christmas season. Start making things that you can keep year after year to make your Christmas special. It's easy when you know how.

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