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Linking youtube to facebook: what are its benefits?

by - November 19, 2018

Youtube, today is one of the biggest “virtual platforms” to display your talent as its logo says “ broadcast yourself” that just means to explore the best talent of yours and broadcast it in front of millions of people. It helps you create a huge virtual audience and eventually a big virtual life. Initially, the views on your video may not matter to you but gradually if you want to have youtube as your career the “ views “ on your video play a very important role as it is only because of these views you climb the success of being a popular youtuber. To obviously increase the number of views on a particular video that you have uploaded, you have to keep certain points in mind:

·         Choose a genre that is of your style: do not simply start making any sort of videos. Think wisely and then start wit videos as remember there are a lot many people in this field as your competitors.

·         Have small introduction and focus more on the main content of the video: long introduction turns into boring video and make sure once viewers get bored, eventually they will stop seeing your videos.

·         Have collaborations: invite other youtubers to have a collaboration with you so that both of you can increase views on your video.

The most important point here is to link your youtube with your facebook using facebook linker youtube. This is an amazing thing to use. As we know the best way to flourish your youtube video is to have more number of views on your video and you have to put in a lot of efforts to have this “more views” gift on your video. Therefore, linking our youtube with facebook just helps us with this. As we all know, on facebook we have some number of followers known as “friends”. These followers on facebook can also act as our viewers on our youtube video. All you have to do is link both of them. Now how do we do that? Just follow the following easy steps:

1.    Open your facebook profile page.

2.    Upload a thumbnail of your recent video that you want to share on facebook as well. Do not copy the link of the video here in your post. Just publish the thumbnail here.

3.    Now go your youtube channel and select the video that you want to share on facebook. Copy the URL of the video.

4.    Go back to post you have published on facebook.

5.    Go to the comment section of the post.

6.    Write an elaborate description of the video, a very catchy yet explainable video.

7.    Here you need to paste the URL of the video that you have copied and post it.

Now when you click on the link facebook will open the video in the youtube screen and not on facebook screen and hence the views on your video will increase. Therefore, by using this fblinkeryou can have a many more number of views on your video eventually increasing the subscribers on your channel.

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