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Pipe Cutter Working and Structure - Types of Spanners

by - November 16, 2018

Hand tools are indispensable for doing fabrication and construction work. The entire range of hand tools include masonry tools, automotive tools, fabrication tools like cutting tools, lubrication tools, joining tools, holding tools, carpentry tools like hacksaw, hammer, and pliers, and gardening tools like a hoe, garden hose, spade, and wheelbarrow.

Work done by pipe cutter -
A pipe cutter is a tool used by plumbers to cut pipes. This tool is preferred though one can use a hacksaw also to cut pipes. There are many types and sizes on offer and we can see all that there is with the Pipe Cutting Tools manufacturer India. Here we see how we use a pipe cutter for doing plumbing work.
The working of the pipe cutter revolves around the use of a sharp cutting wheel. This penetrates through the metal and severs it. We rotate the pipe cutter around the pipe in a 360° circle, the cutting wheel cuts through the pipe. We can use either a plastic tube cutter or a metal pipe cutter. The plastic tube cutter looks like a pair of pruning shears. We can use this for thinner pipes and tubes also. We open the tool by loosening the screw and retracting the cutting wheel or roller.
Method of cutting -
Slide the pipe into the tool and tighten the adjustment screw until the pipe is firmly clamped. Now, the cutting wheel is in contact with the pipe. Rotate the tube around the secured pipe at least once, this will start the cut. After you have made one pass, adjust the cutting wheel again so that the pipe is firmly clamped again. The thickness of the material will show you how deep the cut should be for each pass. Once you have made the cut, we need to debur the inner edges of the cut. It is better to use larger tools since they will make the work easy. We can use cutting fluid as lubrication if the cutting is very hard. Replace worn or damaged cutting blades immediately to get good results in your work.
The other popular tool used in a home or garage is a spanner. This is is a tool with an open end at the end of a long handle. This handle gives us the mechanical advantage for tightening or loosening a fixture. Cold stamping is the most popular method of making spanners. We refer to them as Press Panel Spanners or cold stamped spanners.
Types of spanners -
The usual fasteners we work with are nuts, bolts, and screws of various types. The most popular type of spanner is the open ended spanner. Ring spanners are used to hold a nut within a ring. Combination spanners have an open ended face at one end and a ring at the other.
Other types of spanners include Allen keys, socket wrench, and an adjustable wrench. Allen keys can only be used with nuts that have a hexagonal opening in their head. We use an adjustable wrench for working with nuts of different sizes. Socket wrenches have a selection of sockets of different sizes that we lever using a handle. 

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