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Some Common Problems Faced By All Samsung Smart Phone User

by - November 01, 2018

Samsung is a multinational conglomerate company of South Korea. Its headquarter is situated in the Samsung Town, Seoul. Samsung Galaxy is the series of smart phones designed, and manufactured Samsung Electronics. The Galaxy series consists of highly efficient mobile computing devices. The series includes the Galaxy S series of smart phones, Galaxy Tab series of tablets and Galaxy Note series phablets. But there are common problems faced by every Samsung, galaxy user. There areSamsung cell phone parts wholesalecompanies ready to help you to solve any problem with your smart phone. Here, we will see some common issues faced by Samsung smart phone users:

1.      Wi-Fi connectivity problems- Many Samsung smart phone users have the common report of Wi-Fi connectivity in their device. The user reports like sudden network drops and issues related to network not found. In many cases, the problem is mainly caused by the Wi-Fi router.
2.      Messaging apps sending the gallery photos to random contacts- In this case, there is a bug in the messaging app. This bug is a very sensitive issue because it hampers the privacy of the user by sending personal pictures without the user knowledge.
3.      Touch screen sensitivity issues- This problem arises when you have dropped the smart phone from a height, and the glass screen broke into pieces. Touch sensitivity issues may also occur if you dipped the phone inside the water by any chance.
4.      Resolution and scaling issues- The latest models of Samsung Galaxy series uses the quad high definition display which consumes a lot of battery. Similarly, there is another option called full high definition display which uses less battery but has scaling issues while opening apps.
5.      Speakers do not work properly- One probable reason for this problem is the phone’s speaker getting wet which causes audio issues in the loudspeaker. This happens when water gets into the speaker grill and muffles the speaker in the device.
6.      Slow Mo videos are underexposed- The slow-motion videos are the option where the user can capture the live scenes at a higher frame rate. But the users are facing problems due to underexposure and brightness leading to bad video quality.
7.      The device is taking too long to get fully charged- If your device does not have the fast charging option, then it's going to take some time to get your device fully charged. Otherwise, the battery is malfunctioning due to excess heat and overuse.
8.      Apps do not run in full screen- Any app uses the tall aspect ratio to display its content on the entire screen. But some apps are not being able to use the full screen. That's why black bars appear on the side which is very irritating when you are watching a movie or playing games.

These are some common problems faced by Samsung smartphone users. These problems must be handled by high skilled and professional technicians for delicacy. If you want a replacement of any phone parts, you can look for Samsung phone parts wholesale companies on the internet. Buy the original Samsung phone parts at very low cost from these companies.

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