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Water purifier a better way of purifying water instead of boiling it

by - November 29, 2018

Water is an essential part of everyone’s life. People use water for so many different kinds of purposes such as for drinking, washing, bathing and for so many other activities also. Drinking is the most essential activity that is done with the help of water but what if the water is contaminated?

Nowadays, almost all the water that is coming to the house is contaminated. People should not drink that contaminated water as because consuming up of dirty water can lead to so many different kinds of health issues or water-borne diseases.
People must purify the water before its consumption. In earlier times, people used to purify the water by boiling it but this method does not kill all the germs. It kills approximately 89.9% of germs.
Now, people use water purifiers for purifying the water instead of boiling it as because these water purifiers kills 100% germs and make the water safe and clean for drinking.

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What are the advantages of having a water purifier?

Having a water purifier has so many advantages and disadvantages. Some of the advantages of the water purifiers are mentioned below:

1. Water purifiers help out people in making the consumption of water safe and clean. They purify the water by double and single purification i.e. UV+RO+UF.

a) Consumption of safe and clean water helps out people in making their immune system and digestive system strong.
b) Consumption of clean and healthy water also helps in maintaining the proper body weight.
c) Clean and healthy water helps you in reducing the pains of joints. It makes the absorption of nutrients easy and proper.

2. Water purifiers help in preventing you from all the types of water-borne diseases as well as from the different types of health issues.
3. Water purifiers help in making the water clean and safe by passing RO flash through it.

What are the disadvantages of water purifier?

1. Water purifier results in wasting up of water during the process of water purification.
2. Therefore, some of the water purifiers are highly priced but does not have that much good and enough features.

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