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4 Ways to practice SEO on your Business site

by - December 28, 2018

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most progressive business practices to adopt in the 21st century. It is also one of the key practices of digital marketing and it can be argued that digital marketing isn’t complete without SEO practices.

SEO involves the imputing of certain keywords in website content in order to make sure the website or webpage ranks highly on search engine results.

Many business owners recognize the benefits of SEO such as drinking traffic to websites, increasing sales and boosting business credibility.

However, many of them do not know how to begin practicing SEO.

Here are a few ways to practice SEO on your business website:

1. Written content: One of the best ways to improve on a business website is to open a blog.
The blog in question helps increase business credibility and tackle industry topics.

It is also a prime way to practice SEO. This is because keywords can be easily imputed into blog posts.

That way, when users search using the keywords, they are more likely to find your business page.

The use of keywords in blog posts should be done carefully, however, to avoid coming off as spammy.

Conduct research on the best SEO practices for blog posts or outsource this to a company that offers SEO services such as BroadPlace.

2. Post titles: The use of SEO doesn’t end with the blog content being published but also applies to the titles of the posts as well.

This is because when internet users search for information, they do not only search for phrases such as ‘dry cleaners near me’ but also for specific solutions such as ‘how to remove wine stains’.

If your blog is publishing useful information for consumers, a post with a similar title that has been published and anyone searching for such information will likely find it.

The key is to yourself to know the position of a consumer and determine how your web search would be phrased and title your blog posts accordingly.

3. Product descriptions: SEO should also be practiced if your business deals in products rather than services.

In the description page for each product, make sure the product name as well as specifications appears.

For example, ‘white Star Wars boys t-shirt in size 10’ will probably be more effective than ‘white t-shirt’ when search engines are crawling for results as the former is more specific.

When you are listing your business’ products, make sure to optimize your descriptions for search engine results as well.

4. Social media: Social Media posts for your business can also be found through search engine results.

While creating written content for your social media posts, conduct research on the most searched for phrases in your niche and make use of them.

This will not only help grow your social media followers but can also be used to leverage more traffic and sales for your site.


SEO does not need to be an overly complicated task. Follow the above steps to input good SEO practices for your business.

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