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Get to know about Sears Company

by - December 08, 2018

Sears is actually Sears, Roebuck & Co. This American departmental chain store was established in 1893 by Alvah Curtis Roebuck and Richard Warren Sears. In 1906, Julius Rosenwald, the new partner along with Richard Sears had reincorporated the company. Based at Chicago’s Sears Tower, it has its current head office at Hoffman Estates, Illinois. This company saw its operation start in the form of mail ordering catalog firm and in 1925 started opening up retail locations, with the first one being Evansville, Indiana. Kmart, the American big box chain in 2005 had purchase this company, thereby forming Sears Holdings. This company boasted of having the biggest retailer revenue until October 1989 in the U.S. It was also considered to be the country’s 31st largest retailer this year.

Retail store & its diversification

Mail order market of this company started in rural America and had slow growing population combined with less spending power when compared to urban America. The emphasis was later shifted by Rosenwald to urban America, giving charge to Robert E. Wood. Sears’ first retail store started together with mail order offices of the company, which is in the working class neighborhoods that were located far from the city’s shopping center.

Its growth

This company is regarded to be a pioneer to come up with department stores, catering to both women and men, including building and hardware materials. At the same time, it de-emphasized current fashions to favor durability and practicality, thereby allowing consumers to choose products without requiring the assistance of the store clerk. Motorists were targeted by this company, which actually set it apart from the other existing residential areas and business districts that occupied its target audience. Hence, it provided its consumers with free, ample, off-street parking space, while communicating very clearly corporate identity. The company during the 1930s had designed ‘windowless’ fully air conditioned stores with the layout being wholly driven by merchandising concerns.

This company starting from 1920s to late 1950s had developed several urban departmental stores in Canada, the U.S. and Mexico and overshadowed its mail order business. The company starting in 1950s had expanded further into suburban markets to malls in 1960’s & 70s. To develop malls, it had created Homart Development Co. Major replacements or renovations have been carried out in majority of the stores since 1980s. During the 1930’s, it started to diversify, thereby launching in 1931, the Allstate Insurance Co., with Allstate representatives being placed in all its stores in the year 1934. It went on to become a major national brand with time like DieHard, Craftsman, Kenmore, Supertone, Toughskins and Silvertone. During mid-20th century, this company had become a conglomerate, including Coldwell Banker and Dean Witter real estate in the year 1981. In 1984, it started a joint venture with the IT giant IBM as a prodigy and in 1985 had introduced Discover Credit Card.

With its popularity and tremendous growth only gave investors the opportunity to make the most of their hard earned investments. They look forwards to the sears earnings release date to ensure that they invest on time and reap the benefits from this company.

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