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Reasons why you don’t see some things in movie theatres

by - December 26, 2018

Watching movies La Jolla in Orange County is never the same. Things have changed. Before the popularity of faceless multiplexes, it was easy to spot a movie theater while standing far away even if it was your first time in that town. You could see a large illuminated sign announcing the name of the cinema. Here are some other things that you no longer see in movie theaters.

Uniformed ushers

Back in the days, the gallant women and men who escorted you to respective seats in movie theatres used to dress in more finery uniforms than decorated soldiers. Those times ushers did more than just tearing tickets and sweeping up popcorn. They would keep an eye on people attempting to sneak into the theatre without paying.


Today, every seat comes equipped with a cup holder in a movie cinema La Jolla. Back in the days, every seat didn’t have a cup holder. Instead, every seat was equipped with a built-in ashtray. Passive smoking dangers and fire regulations are some of the reasons why the ashtrays went extinct.

Signs for ladies to remove their hats

In the 1920s, going to movies was a formal occasion. It required people to dress accordingly. Women were expected to dress in smart suits and dresses. You couldn’t attend the movies while wearing the house dress that you normally wear when washing dishes. Men were expected to wear suits and ties. Everyone was expected to leave the house while wearing a hat to complete the outfit.

During the decades of hat wearing, hats could block the field of vision of the people seating behind you in movies La Jolla. Men used to put their hats in their laps but women were reluctant to do this. This led to the signs in the movies to remind the ladies to remove their hats.  The above mentioned are some signs that movies will never be the same again.

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