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The most unique and interesting ideas for a gothic themed wedding

by - December 26, 2018

A lot of people are now choosing to use the gothic engagement ring as a major step towards a gothic themed wedding. Some individuals prefer this type of wedding to the conventional one. The gothic themed wedding is among the foremost options that are preferred by some individuals. To create this theme, your idea should not be exaggerated but subtle.

Before you plan your gothic themed wedding, the couple has to discuss their idea with relatives, friends and family. They are all part and parcel of the occasion, so it’s quite crucial that they all be in agreement with your idea. This article offers some amazing tips concerning how you can put a gothic themed wedding together. To have the most perfect wedding possible, you must make sure that every single thing such as food, decorations and wedding dress actually fit the theme of the wedding. Here are some top things you should take into consideration.

The wedding dress
This is certainly at the top of the list of all considerations. The gothic wedding dress varies quite well from the traditional ones. The most common colors that are used when it comes to gothic style wedding dresses are red, purple, and black. You could also have either a corset or ruffles at the bust of the wedding dress, a black veil, as well as a trail behind you. You should never forget that your makeup should also go together with the theme. And you should ensure that you utilize a quality gothic wedding ring to complete the ensemble.

As for decorations, you should first ensure that you choose a venue that fully fits your chosen theme. If your budget happens to be sufficient, you could even rent a medieval castle or gothic-styled manor to get the most authentic gothic ambience. You could also use red candles together with Jack-O-lanterns as the centerpieces for your tables.

Floral centerpieces
If you happen to still prefer floral centerpieces, then you should ensure that they contain black roses, orange lilies, and purple orchids when creating them. Black confetti, masks, as well as purple and red tablecloths are also wonderful accessories that will help greatly in making up the theme.

The wedding cake
As for the wedding cake, you also have to make sure that it goes together with the chosen theme completely. You can have a dark chocolate cake or even a red velvet cake for the themed wedding. All you must ensure is that any color or style you choose for the cake has to go well with your chosen gothic theme. White fondant cake is also okay as long as you have it styled with black currants as well as red cherries. This is how it has been verified to have been used at some weddings with the same theme.

These are only some among the foremost ideas for creating the most amazing gothic themed weddings. Make sure you use a gothic engagement ring during your engagement and wedding rings during the wedding. This is because the engagement ring is the very first step towards getting the theme right. You could also ask that your guests dress in gothic-inspired outfits. 

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