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Tips for Traveling to Rajasthan

by - December 18, 2018

Rajasthan is the region offers all the images that the traveler looks for in exotic places to the western like those of India. It is the land of the brave rajputa warriors, lavish maharajah palaces and millenary temples. Also of deserts, rivers and lakes around which the life of men with colorful turbans and women with colorful clothes passes. A visual spectacle that you can enjoy even more by following these tips to travel to Rajasthan.

India is a country for which it is necessary to have a visa. The first recommendation is to process it directly by the official media. Be very careful with the companies that offer their online mediation, in some cases at an exorbitant cost. One of the best options for travelers who do not require a visa exceeding 60 days is to process it online in Indian Visa Online (Government of India).

Essential Visits

It is presumptuous to even want to gloss some of the points of greatest interest in this region. As a guide, the traveler on the first visit should consider the imperial city of Jaipur , the romantic Udaipur and the active Jodhpur . To visit the desert, the fascinating Jaisalmer . You should also enjoy the Ranthambore National Park where you can see tigers. And from Bharatpur access Keoladeo Ghana. It is another of the most surprising natural enclaves for the rich population of birds, some of them difficult to see in other parts of the world.

Because of its proximity, one of the best tips for traveling to Rajasthan is to approach the neighbouring state of Uttar Pradesh. The visit to Agra allows you to be ecstatic in front of the stillness and harmony of the Taj Mahal. In this same state is Varanasi. It is one of the seven sacred cities of Hinduism, which offers a very personal journey through its lifestyle, almost medieval. And of course you should also dedicate a day to the cosmopolitan capital: Delhi does not leave indifferent. In any case, in a destination as varied as this one, the first of the tips for traveling to Rajasthan is to organize the route with the Palace on Wheels train.

When to Go

In our opinion, there is no bad season to visit Rajasthan . There is the convention that the winter allows to enjoy a benevolent diurnal temperatures (up to 25 degrees) and cooler nights. In addition, from December to February, some of the main festivals of the state are concentrated. One of the Desert of Jaisalmer and the one of the Camels of Bikaner, among them.

If this type of event is an incentive, between the last days of February and the first days of March the most singular of them all is celebrated the Holi. It is considered one of the great attractions of India. In any case, even in the summer months, Rajasthan offers a comfortable visit to the Spanish traveler. To which the rise of mercury does not worry too much.


India is an economic destination, although its more elitist offer may have prices similar to those of Europe. Familiarize yourself quickly with the change to avoid surprises. It is advisable to make a good calculation of the money that is going to be spent, since a declaration is requested at both the entrance and the exit. When leaving the country it is usual to require any ticket of 500 or more rupees. One of the good tips for traveling to Rajasthan is to make a first change upon arrival (do not forget to ask for small bills of 10, 20, 50 and 100 rupees for tips and small purchases). A few days later, do the needs calculation.

Although it is possible to change money in the main localities of the region, it is recommended to take advantage of the stay in the cities to do so. In many hotels, they also offer good conditions. Always ask for and keep the certificate of change . If you plan to use ATMs, it is advisable to check with your bank on which network and entity it is convenient to use.


It is difficult to escape the practice of tip, which the tourist is asked at every step . It is not advisable to make great boasting of generosity in hotels and other establishments. Remember, if you are not willing to satisfy in the same way the legion of people who minutes later will offer all kinds of services, be reasonable. As a guide, at the time of writing this tip of 50 rupees is reasonable, and one of 100, generous but correct. Beware the lovers of photographing the villager. It is a practice to avoid for little respect in India and any other destination, especially with women. It is also usual that the one you thought was a spontaneous model, ask for a 'payment' for the posed service.


Rajasthan is a safe destination although periodically the media disseminates news that does not invite us to think about it. The safest formula to know it is with an organized trip, its guides avoid any kind of danger to the tourist. For those who travel alone you have to remind them of the usual advice. To the pickpockets and negligence in stations, airports and areas with agglomerations, special attention must be paid to them. In the displacements in public transport it is usual to see the suitcases subject with padlock and chain. The train trip one of the critical moments for the security of the belongings. You can use the hotel safes, better the reception desk than the room.


It is advisable to avoid dealing with the guides who offer their services to tourists during the tour. When you travel alone you always have to take a good map of the city. At the time of hiring the services of a taxi driver it is advisable to agree on the fare in advance, although they carry a taximeter will avoid discussions. In some of the most visited enclaves such as Jaipur, there is the tourist police. This body is specially formed to meet the needs of the traveler. The local information offices can also make safety recommendations. Seek your advice especially when you plan to make trips to places less traveled by tourists.


Undoubtedly one of the great attractions of the trip is the varied gastronomic tradition of Rajasthan. Unfortunately, the influence of tourist pressure imposes a reinterpretation of this cuisine to Western tastes. However, it is still possible to eat authentic Rajasthani dishes with just a few meters away from the most tourist sites.

The local restaurants, here called bhojanalyas instead of dhabas -as in the rest of the country- are a good option. Opt for those that offer a more careful image and avoid salads. Thalis are the defenders of the most traditional food, the most interesting for the curious gourmet and an authentic delight for vegans and vegetarians. Even if you are a recalcitrant carnivore, do not give up investigating these delights.


India is a huge bazaar. One of the tips for traveling to Rajasthan is not to go mad with its offer and surprising price and fall prey to the indiscriminate purchase. Something that happens to many tourists in enclaves like Pushkar. Its small (and beautiful) tourist center is a giant market with fashion offer in the style of Goa or Nepal with unusually low prices. The best option is to schedule a few days to browse the quieter commercial offer. This practice will serve to mentalize you with the regatero, that always is necessary to practice if one does not want to pay exorbitant prices.

It is not easy to avoid buying. The crafts, jewelry (in this region of very characteristic design), carpets, decoration or textiles enter through the eyes in its fascinating markets. The exception is a type of shops with more western taste, to whose visit you should not give up. They offer all the product labeled, in many cases manufactures of beautiful and unique local artisans and artists.

In Udaipur there is a centuries-old tradition of miniatures painted on paper, clothing, marble and even leaves. It can certainly be one of the best memories of the trip to Rajasthan very difficult to find in quality, variety and price out. And if antiques are your thing, you are in luck, but do not buy more than 100 years if you do not want to have problems in customs. Similarly, he renounces the purchase of ivory.

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