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What are the wedding attires and wedding time rituals of a Christian wedding?

by - December 26, 2018

A Christian wedding is the most beautiful wedding. Christian wedding takes a very short period of time because of the limited rituals. If some want to have a Christian bride and groom they should on elite matrimony grooms and brides. This is the website that has a variety of brides and grooms of all the religions. The wedding attires and wedding time rituals of the Christian wedding are mentioned below with a brief explanation.

Wedding attires:
Wedding Attire of the groom:
1.           For a typical Indian Christian wedding, the groom wears a formal suit on the wedding day.
2.           The groom usually wears a black or white colored suit according to the theme of the wedding.
3.           The groom wears a white shirt that has a boutonniere on the left side of the jacket. Nowadays, people are wearing suits according to their choices or according to the theme of the wedding.

Wedding attire of the bride:
1.           In north India, the Christian brides mainly wear a white colored frothy long gown.
2.           But in some parts of Kerala, Konkan etc. the Christian brides wear a white colored saree with a golden blouse.
3.           In today’s time, the dress of bride and groom are according to the theme of the wedding.

Wedding time rituals:
1.           Welcoming the bride: In the morning, of the wedding day, the bride friends and relatives arrive her house with bridal outfits, jewelry, money, fruits, flowers etc. then the bridal get ready in her house.
2.           After this, they go to the church, some of the friends of bridal go along with the bride and groom in the car followed by her family.
3.           The priest and the groom’s family welcome the bride and take her to the church.

The wedding mass:
1.           This is the ritual, in which the family members, friends, and relatives sing prays in the church.
2.           The bible is read from the both New as well as the Old Testament.
3.           This ceremony is followed by the priest rendering the sermons in the church.

The wedding vows:
1.           After, the completion of the wedding mass, the priest begins the actual wedding ritual in which the groom and bride are aske3d whether he or she agrees with this marriage.
2.           Some of the promises are done by the bride and groom in this ritual. Both of the bride and groom have to repeat the vows after the priest.

Solemnizing of the marriage:
1.           In this ritual, the bride and groom are given blessings by the priest and are declared husband and wife.
2.           Both of the bride and groom holds hands together and march down from the stage of the church (dais) to seek the blessing from their elders.

These are wedding attires and wedding time rituals that are done in a Christian wedding. If someone is searching for an Indian bride and groom he or she should take help from elite matrimony India to have the bride and groom according to his or her choices.

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