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Why to Use a Hand Dryer in Your Washroom?

by - December 15, 2018

Since the big changes are taking place, small yet important changes are also on its way. Yes, if you go to public washrooms, commercial space toilets and at some residences you might find new techniques getting used. One such technique is hand dryer.

It is not just about hand dryer but you can find other appliances too. However, talking about hand dryers, they are available in different forms like automatic and manual both. In this way, the owners can have one that is suitable for their use. Automatic hand dryer can be really beneficial for the public washrooms or washrooms where the number of visitors is always on the higher side.

Where in the past, paper towels used to get used for drying the hand, today the concept has changed totally. Today the hand dryers have taken the place of paper tissues to a great extent.  of course the usage of paper towels simply means a huge amount of waste is created that also influence on the environment as most of these are non-biodegradable and require to go to land fill or get burned.

On the other side, these hand dryers have a muchsmaller impact on the environment as compared to paper towels.Once you have installed a hand dryer in your space, you would not need any towels for drying the hands. People can easily dry up their hands once they keep them beneath the dryer. In this way, there won’t be any type of mess or filthiness.

Stay germ free

Yes, when you have a towel hanging in the space, you might find that every visitor is rubbing his or her hands with it right? But once you have hand dryer, things would be different. People can easily dry up their hands without touching everywhere. Moreover, if you are opting for automatic dryers then things get even simpler and germ free. Since automatic hand dryers start automatically, there is no need of touching the machine. In this way there does not spread any germs in the space. Nobody touches the machines and hence germs free environment. The point is once a person keeps his or her hands beneath the automatic dryer, it would start automatically and it’s done.

Ah, it is apparently true that the most exciting and useful advantage of an automatic hand dryer is that it is touch free. With this, you are only required to wave your hand in before the sensor of the dryer that too without touchingit. The automatic hand dryers will turn on and off on its own. Itprovides an excellent way wherein energy can also be consumed and there can be minimization of idle energy. Another perk of having hand dryers apart from maintaining hygiene is that it does eliminate the use of tissue papers as mentioned above too.


So, you can useautomatic hand dryer sensor in your space and ensure a more germ free, clean, hygienic and smart washroom for your visitors.  Theseappliances play a great role in the present day washroom settings!

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