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The use of Rapid Prototyping in the medical field

by - January 07, 2019

Rapid prototyping has proven very beneficial and is used in different types of field. The most beneficial thing about any technology is how it can be used to save lives. The introduction of rapid prototyping has brought revolution the medical field. The medical field has a new approach to plan surgeries and operations.

There are different types of way in which rapid prototyping has proven beneficial in the medical field. You can use rapid prototyping to create human organs in 3D view to get a better understanding of the human body. This will help the doctors to get a better understanding of how to perform different kind of operations. There are many more benefits of rapid prototyping which you can read in the article below.

Create device and instruments in the medical field using Rapid Prototyping

The most important application of rapid prototyping is that it can create anymedical equipment using rapid prototyping. This can help in performing different types of surgery which needs special equipment. Rapid prototyping has brought an upgrade with 3D technology in the medical industry.

You can createdifferent kinds of medical equipment like

·        Retractors,

·        Scalpels,

·        Display systems

·        Fasteners

You can also create a device like hearing aid using rapid prototyping services. This can prove very helpful for people as they can get their machines created. You can also get your teeth replaced using rapid prototyping which can solve your dental problems. It also helps in improving the safety of patients by minimizing the effects of certain drugs. This way you can make standard dosage for every patient.

Application of Rapid Prototyping in creating Implants

Rapid prototyping can be used to create implants for people who wanta replacement. Earlier you have to use the standard size of implants for different people. This can cause a lot of pain to many people as this can be quite painful. But you can use rapid prototyping to create perfect implants for everyone. This is very beneficial and cost-effective.

rapid prototyping services uses techniques similar to MRI and X-ray machines and they are operated using computer programs. This way you can become absolutely sure of their accuracy and precision. You can use the data of a CT scan and combine it with rapid prototyping machine to create a plastic model to implant in the patients.

Used in Surgeries and medical studies

For different medical purposes, you can create plastic models of the human body to learn about them. Most of the surgeon use rapid prototyping to create a similar model before performing complex surgery.

These are the different types of improvement and advancement has rapid prototyping brought in the medical field. Rapid prototyping is developing many fields every day with its latest technology upgrades.

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