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What are the Benefits of Using Dance Mirror in Gym and Dance Studio?

by - January 14, 2019

Dancing is an activity that makes the body stay healthy. Most health specialists recommend dancing as a way of keeping fit for many patients. Dancing today has been considered as an activity that helps people to live positively and avoid stress and depression.  There are different types of glasses that are existent in the world today.  There are also individuals who take dance as a professional and train daily to perfect their skills. The creation of dance is dependent on the type of dance to be practiced within the space. The dance studios today are designed in a manner that meets the needs of the changing society many individuals wish to be in dance studios but cannot due to the high cost of enrolling in dance classes.

For this reason, some homeowners prefer having their won gyms converted to dance studios. Ideally, in a dance studio, some trainers are responsible for instructing the dancers to perfect their movements. Depending on the creativity of the dance studio owner, there may be different accessories incorporated in the studio. The incorporation of dance mirrors on the walls of the studio spaces is considered as a recent trend. Glass fitted in dance studios play a vital. Role during training and for the overall appearance of the space.

Why Are Dance Mirrors Used In The Dancing Studios?

You may wonder why there are dance mirrors installed in dance studios yet instructors are guiding the dancers on what to do. In modern dance studios, it is crucial to install the dance mirrors strategically within the studio space for various purposes. Dance studios with mirrors are popular among dancers because they are considered convenient. Traditionally, dancers did not have the opportunity to train in studios that had wall mirrors. However, due to the improved knowledge levels and creativity, it is possible to design studios and fit them with sizeable glass mirrors.

They Help The Dancers To Monitor Their Body Movements

It has never been easy to engage in dance training without mirrors. Dance training without mirrors would be equivalent to dancing in the darkness without anyone to look at you and identify any mistakes that are committed.  When the dancers stand in front of the dance mirrors, they can monitor their body movements. Since many daces involve the rigorous movement of the body, the dancers monitor every movement and identify any mistakes they do. This is particularly helpful when the instructor is not present, and an individual would like to proceed with the training. How would it be dancing in the home dance studio without mirrors? Just an empty room which does not give the dancer an opportunity to enjoy the environment.

They Are Useful For The Instructors To Monitor The Learners

When the instructor and the learners are in the same dancing studio, they all face the same direction. This is a technique that eliminates confusion to the students when receiving instructions from the trainer. They are required to follow exactly what he does so that they can perfect their move. Without dance mirrors, it would be difficult for the instructors to monitor the actions of their learners. However, with the mirrors, they give instructions as well as monitor what their students are doing. It creates a better way of ensuring that everybody is in sync with what is required at all times.

Dance Mirrors Help To Create An Illusion Of More Space

 Mirrors have always been known to create an illusion of extended space. When they are properly installed, they can help to create an illusion of extended space within the dance studio. Interior designers and the studio owners should work together to ensure they install the dance mirror well so that it creates a positive illusion. When the installation is poorly done, it may not be effective in creating an illusion in the long run.

Makes The Dance Studio Trendy And Sleek

Modern studios look trendy and stylish due to the glass mirrors installed on the walls. Interior designers introduced different designs of wall mirrors so that they can make the dance studios to be more contemporary. Compared to the traditional dance studios, modern dance studios have a more classy and trendy look which attracts more people every day. It is essential to ensure that the designs introduced in the studios are well customized not to compromise the interior décor.

What Are Portable Dance Mirrors?

Most things that are portable can be carried around. They can be put in a bag and carried around. In this case, let’s ignore the concept of having movable mirrors that can be carried away.  Instead, let’s think of a mirror that can be moved around. Most studio mirrors are normally fixed or hung on the walls of the dance studio. However, with the portable studio mirrors, they are fixed with movable wheels or fixed n rails and can be moved around the studio to locations where they are needed.

Why Portable Studio Mirrors

Installation of portable studio mirrors is a modern trend that has been introduced to allow for multipurpose use of limited space. A confined space could be used as a basketball court in the morning and later be used as a   dance studio. The portable studio mirrors would come in handy when in such a situation. Dancers still enjoy their activities when using portable dance mirrors. There are no limitations on what they can do despite the space being limited.

They Are Used For Occasional Events

When there is an event in a remote location, a group of dancers may be in need of practice before performing in an event. Having portable mirrors may save them since they would only be required to fold it up carefully and carry it to their destination. It is important that portable dance mirrors should be designed by professionals to limit the chances of them breaking. The transportation means should be well designed to ensure that small impacts do not cause damage to the mirrors.

Factors To Consider When Installing Portable Dance Mirrors

Installing or designing portable dance mirrors is dependent on some fundamental factors. If you had no idea that dance mirrors are portable, then these points would be helpful when deciding whether you need a portable or a fixed mirror.

The Quality Of The Reflection Surface

For both portable and fixed dance mirrors, the quality of reflection needs to be at its best. There is clarity needed by the dancers and the instructors during their practice sessions. They need to identify slight body movements that could be off and require better adjusting. Blurry reflections may not be appropriate as they will not give the correct visual image to the dancers or the instructor.

The Cost Of The Mirror Design

Constructing a portable dance mirror that is foldable or fixed on sliding wheels may be expensive. It would, therefore, be essential to ensure that the studio owner understands e cost if they are on a tight budget. If the dance mirrors are bought without a planned budget, impulse buying could occur resulting in losses to the studio owner. The more complex a portable glass design is, the more expensive it becomes.

The Available Space Within The Studio

 Some studios may be confined in a small space such that installing large portable mirrors could be difficult. It is essential to understand the amount of free space that is available so that the designer may know the size of the mirror that is to be used to construct a portable dance mirror. Accurate measurements are required and should thus be taken and recorded by a professional technician. This helps the designer to understand the amount of pace that would be available to attach rails for the smooth movement of the mirrors. When there is no large space available, it would be recommended that several smaller dance mirrors are installed next to each other.

Ideas On Ensuring That Portable Dance Mirrors Are Correctly Installed.

When installing the portable dance mirrors, it is essential to ensure that all other accessories are not interfered with. The artwork that is hung on the walls should not be in contact with the mirrors. Therefore, the mirrors should not be too close to the walls. Consequently, the artwork or other accessories could be put higher up the walls to avoid collisions.

Speakers within a studio that has portable studio mirrors should not be put on the ground. Instead, they should be hung up where they are not in contact with the mirrors. They should, however, be hung carefully to avoid any accidents within the studio.

When moving the portable mirror from one point in the studio to another, there should be precision. The installed rails should be followed as a leader to ensure no damage to the mirrors. Additionally, the portable dance mirrors should be regularly washed to maintain their reflective qualities.

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