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What You Can Expect From Your Broker When Selling

by - January 22, 2019

Selling a house in Boca Raton? You will need a good real estate broker.

Although most of us understand the benefits of hiring a real estate broker, few realize the range of services they offer. A broker can be extremely handy when selling a house and not just as a substitute salesperson! Brokers have specialized knowledge and can help you in many ways. There are also certain professional standards that a real estate broker Boca Raton must keep. These include:


A broker must first and foremost be completely honest with you even if the truth is unwelcome. As your representative, their first loyalty must lie with you and a good broker will be give you the harsh truth at all times. For instance, a broker will give you a realistic price of the house, point out the flaws and your chances of making a good sale.

But it shouldn’t be just honesty towards you. You want someone who follows honesty as a professional policy and extends it to buyers as well. When selling the property the broker should not deliberately lie or mislead about the property’s features to boost the price. While it may benefit you in the short term, such dishonesty can create serious trouble in the future.


A real estate broker Boca Raton must adhere to certain professional standards. Remember, the broker is representing you and his/her appearance is also a reflection on you. A professional appearance shows that he/she respects their profession. A buyer is also more likely to trust the word of a broker who looks and behaves professionally.

In terms of appearance, a broker should be smartly turned out — well-groomed and well-dressed. Typically brokers in Boca Raton follow a formal dress code. T-shirts, jeans and sneakers are less obvious choices. A broker should also have a courteous manner and be punctual. Anyone who dresses sloppily and arrives late for their appearance is clearly showing you that they neither respect yours or the buyer’s time.

Attend home inspections and appraisals in your stead

The broker’s main job is to sell your house. He/she is expected to do the needful for this purpose. This includes attending home appraisals and inspections. This is especially handy if you are based in a different locality. But this is not just a matter of convenience. A broker must be present at these meeting. During a home inspection, the broker should be there to hear what the inspector says so that they can later answer any query by the buyer. It also helps to deal with any unreasonable demands by potential buyers.

Good negotiation skill

A broker must know how to drive a good negotiation. After all, their main job of the real estate broker Boca Raton is to get you the best possible price for you. This will often require negotiating with the other party. Because of the high amounts involved, real estate negotiations often involve intense give and take by both parties. You broker must be experienced and smart enough to pull this off.

A real estate broker Boca Raton is expected to be an honest professional with good negotiation skill. He/she should have good contacts and assist you in activities related to the property sale.

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