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Attraction sites to view from a helicopter in Australia

Australia is home to some of the most beautiful locations in the world. In fact, it is one of the most preferred tourists’ destinations, with millions of people from other countries streaming in around the year. This is for a good reason when you get into the country, you’ll be spoiled for choice and not even a year is enough for you to exhaust all the beautiful sites. However, not all sites can be viewed on the ground and thus, to get a better view of some, you’ll need a helicopter.

This article seeks to highlight a few of the sites you can view from a helicopter.

Kakadu National park

Aboriginal people have occupied this area for over forty thousand years and boast of more than five thousand fascinating rock art sites. The stunning natural sights in this huge park make it a well worth visit for all. The Kakadu Escarpment, in particular, is quite a breathtaking sight to behold. Within the park’s boundaries are diverse ecosystems and you will enjoy deserted sandstone escarpments, waterfalls, and pools on the other side. With a helicopter, it would take you a few minutes to cover the area and have an experience of what Kakadu National Park has to offer.

The Great Barrier Reef

This is the greatest coral reef that the world can offer. Stretching for over 2,300 kilometers, the reef is beautiful in both size and detail, and can also be viewed from space. This ecosystem is dotted by nine hundred islands the individual reefs that occupy the area are 2900. This is a natural wonder that millions of people from all over the world come to enjoy every year. The underwater world can be enjoyed through snorkeling and Scuba diving.  Kayaking and boat trips are some of the ways one can enjoy the view of this great place. To truly appreciate every stunning aspect of the reef, you need a helicopter. Here, you will also get to see the perfect turquoise waters, and a variety of aquatic life like; the dolphins, the reefs and sea turtles. Book a helicopter in advance and ensure that this area is part of the sites in your diary. Get a good tour company like PHS, someone who knows the place well and has experience in providing interesting approaches to the site. You don’t want to miss such an experience!

 Uluru- Kata Tijuta National Park

The sturdy red hue in the middle makes Uluru spectacular, a world famous and one of the most prominent landmarks that Australia boasts of.  What makes this place most attractive is the immense rock that sits in the middle. Again, the rock formations at Kata Tijuta are quite fantastic and mesmerizing for those who visit Uluru. The Anangu aboriginal people own this area and to them, this site is of great spiritual and cultural significance. From the brilliant cultural center, you can learn their great way of life. Generally, this park’s beauty is quite astounding and a love for many.

The list of sites that can be viewed in Australia is a long one, but the above places are such an attraction that will leave you with long-term memories. For the best experience,  you need a reliable and experienced tour company like PHS who have been in the market for the longest time and offering excellent services. Click here for a list of services they offer.

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