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Benefits of Salesforce Health Cloud

by - March 03, 2019

Health is one aspect that is very crucial for everyone regardless of their age. Everyone of course admires to live a life that is in the best of their health. In the 21st century, where everything gets benefited with the advancement in technology, the health sector is not left. Salesforce has now joined its way with health sector, forming Salesforce health cloud to make experience of patients better. Patient-centric relation management has initiated with collaboration of Salesforce with health cloud.

What is a Salesforce health cloud ?

Salesforce health cloud is a platform over the web that offers a comprehensive mix of patient data view, communication tools and real-time patient engagement functions. It does all this with a focus on improving the physician-patient relationship. This helps patients in viewing and tracking their health records as well.
The following features would help you understand salesforce health cloud.

Simplifies communication

Salesforce health cloud gets designed to solved the communication challenges and fill the gaps between patients and their doctors. Salesforce health cloud aims to connect them with each other and focuses on comprehensive visualisation of each patient charts.

Provides complete information

The health cloud provides a complete insight of patient data. The details about the history, including the medications of a patient would be in this chart. After integration projects planning gets finished, the Salesforce would enable the patients to view their current conditions, prescribed medications, preferred communication methods and appointments in the chart. The health cloud services would also add data capture by medical devices to the patient records.

Enhances EHR system

Being transparent has always resulted in building the trust between the parties involved. Similarly, you could earn the trust of patients with the access to the right information at right time. The health cloud service plays a  total role in making you to unlock EHR system and join apps in a secure platform. It transforms your record system into an engagement system, involving both, patients and doctors.

Family like feel

Salesforce health cloud enables the patients to get to get access to and track their progress the health goals and care plans. It connects in the real-time, and instantly addresses to the questions from family members.


To have a successful communication, it is essential to make it two-way. Salesforce health cloud services enable to take insights from the patients and the members. It lets you understand your patients in a whole new way by maintaining personalised, prompt and possible insights. It allows you to make smarter care decisions as it makes it easy to build and send surveys and assessments and to analyse the data.

This revolutionary concept of Salesforce Healthcare enables to bridge the gap between the patients and their attendants. It could be accessed from all devices, be it your phone, laptop or iPad. It not only is a method of building the mutual trust but it is more preferred because of the nature of convenience. This could be accessed from anywhere and helps you meet your health goals and care.

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