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What Does a Pre-nuptial Lawyer Do?

The entire process of divorce is very much devastation both emotionally and financially. After all, you get separated from the person you have lived for a long time. But, the situation gets worse if there appears any confusion regarding the financial matters post-divorce. So, it is better to decide upon how all the assets are going to be divided between you and your better half after the divorce. Here the prenuptial agreement comes to help. Through the guidance of the pre-nuptial lawyer in Weston, you can sign on a pre-nuptial or pre-marital agreement which will specifically mention how the assets, properties, and money are going to be divided at the event of the divorce. Some of the pre-nuptial agreements have provisions of offering some of that to the children in case of death. Some other agreements which provide the provision of forfeiting the assets and properties at the occasion of adultery. Some other agreements may signify how much support you are going to get from your spouse even after divorce.

All the factors leave a huge impact on the finances and to protect all your rights in this agreement, you definitely need a good Pre-nuptial lawyer in Weston. Though the law differs from one state to the other, the basic conditions remain the same and they must be met to make the prenuptial agreement valid. Here are some of those conditions which are to be followed by the lawyer:-

·         The writing:-The pre-nuptial lawyer in Weston must do the agreement is writing and it is his responsibility to make the agreement signed by both the parties.

·         Financial Details:-the lawyer should demand all the legal papers regarding the assets, properties, and money of both the parties. He must ensure that both the parties have disclosed the entire details of the assets and then only assess the situation and make the agreement based upon these papers.

·         Legal advice:-The lawyer must invest enough time for the case no matter how much busy he is. After all, these are sensitive issues and it is important for the lawyer to review the situation every now and then to provide essential legal advice to make the client understand the situation better. The lawyer has the duty to make sure that all the conditions of the agreement are met and he must explain all the terms of the agreement clearly to both the parties so that the lawyer of the opposite party objects in any way.

·         No Fraud:-It is the duty of the lawyer to ensure that there is the duress or fraud involved in the contract and both the parties have signed the contract as per their own wish.

Sometimes these pre-nuptial agreements get amended over a long time as the terms and conditions on tine to change with time and sometimes the agreement is just thrown out of the court because of the wrong technicality. The lawyer is the only person who can save the agreement from such blatant rejection at the court. Because of the complexities of this agreement, it is always recommended to hire a lawyer for a pre-nuptial agreement. 

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