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4 Ways A Concrete Driveway Can Stay In Its Best Condition

by - May 15, 2019

When you own a concrete driveway, it not just adds to the aesthetics but also to the ease of driving your car in and out of the premise. When it is a part of the house, it adds a distinct touch to the way your house looks.

While laying a concrete driveway is something that can be termed as an investment, it becomes a responsibility on your part to ensure that it is in its best condition. Despite it being constantly ground under a vehicle, it needs to stay strong and in the best condition.
You may hire a dedicated professional for concrete driveways in Sydney to come over frequently to care for your driveway. If not, caring for it yourself doesn’t take up much time and effort.  Here is how you can go about it.

Apply a sealant

This is one of the first things to do when you have laid a concrete driveway. Sealants ensure that you have a driveway that is protected well and that no external damage can cause disintegration of any sort. An expert for concrete driveways in Sydney agrees that sealants should be applied every three years or so and even earlier if you feel that there is too much pressure put on the driveway daily. If you live in an area prone to frequent change in weather conditions, there may be a need for reapplication of the sealant every year.

Look out for vehicle spills

Engine oil or any other spill from the vehicle can cause permanent damage to the concrete. It would cause staining while seeping down below. Installers for driveways in Sydney say that whenever you spot a leakage, attend to the vehicle immediately and then ensure that the concrete doesn’t encounter damage. You could consider putting sand or even cat litter which can absorb the oil and moisture while preventing extensive staining.

Look out for cracks and chips

There are times when heavy vehicles or too much pressure put on the driveway leads to hairline cracks and chips. With time, these cracks tend to widen and then comes the weed growth from the underneath. This is something that can damage your driveway while leading to an uneven surface and further cracks. There will be moisture retention while having to spend money on re-installation. Therefore, whenever you spot cracks or chips on the driveway, bring about expert attention from installers for concrete driveways in Sydney immediately. Filling up the cracks and chips as well as repairing it whenever spotted can help you retain the condition of the driveway for long.

Be careful when cleaning the garden

Cleaning the garden to remove leaf litter or other flying objects after a storm would also mean that you will have to clean the driveway. Using a brush would ensure that things are clean but avoid any harsh or metal objects to clean the driveway. Experts for maintenance of driveways in Sydney agree that the abrasion may lead to damage to the sealant which you may not realise until there is damage surfacing one day at a time.
Concrete driveways may make driving the vehicle and in and out of the premise easy but it needs a lot of care so that it stays intact.

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